Just writing words


This train.
For years, I’ve been put on this odyssey, going nowhere
Old man did not left a word for me
The silence from him did not spell any message
I’m all alone
As the train runs to each stop
Millions there are
In and out, about to set out on their journey
No one stays with me
This train.
Sometimes, it takes a funny U-turn
Going back to the cities I’ve stopped at
Reminiscing my favourite place, occasion and companion
I thank them, for what and who they are
But life moves on
There are a lot of stops along the journey
Sooner or later, I will disembark the train!
To the city that I choose! And take on my new life!

***Taking the first step, the hardest part***

Just writing words

Oh dear

Oh dear oh dear
I was like a writer
Who could not remember how to write
This time, deadly and dearly, off the course
Chances are, I squandered it, pretty ruthlessly
This is what happened
When it is not a win-or-lose situation
A prepared mind might be drifted away
By some available alternatives
Do not tickle with the extra try
My nightmare might has just begun

Just writing words

Rat race

I am like a driver
who steered off the course
Not crashing, not burning
just taking a hiatus
The track is getting colder
Side view, overtakings
it is a rat race
and I remained
Permit me, to forgo the race
I would be happy to do just about anything
besides racing.