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It’s not a work, It’s a lifestyle!

I am a Leo myself and yes I am very lazy. I love to play and I know when it’s the time to work I take it smart and seriously, but not hard, because working from 10 to 10 everyday doesn’t make me an overnight millionaire. I still feel that the working hours of my job contributes a very BIG MINUS to the overall satisfaction. The good side would mainly be the skills that I’m catching up so far. When I look back it’s a little bit of weird that I didn’t bother to think long like what I did in the past before applying for a vacancy in a camera manufacturer concept store while I was looking for vacancies with Darren and Gary. I stomped into the shop for a walk-in interview and started work the next day. Probably it’s my interest in photography that had scrapped away all the doubts and worries before applying the job, mind you it was only less than a week after STPM thus most of my friends were surprised at the outcome.

It was really tough at the beginning to cope and deal with the place, people and environment there. I was like a fish out of water. But every starting point is the hardest part. After a couple of weeks I managed to get over with it until today it has been some 2 months of laughs and tears(of course I didn’t cry at all) at there. I’ve had several trainings on the products, got ‘smack downs’(reprimands, or ‘diu’ in Cantonese), fell sick once in a month, knocked by cash machine on my knee which caused me some miserable period and etc. Obviously these are the issues that are not enjoyable.

On the delighting sides, I grabbed the opportunity to get my hands on the DSLRs, took care of the lenses, as well as bettering on my communicating and other soft skills. One of the good sides which I take pleasure in would be getting to communicate with people from all walks of life. The mall that I’m working in is strategically located between the city and living urban which invites people from everywhere be it locals or tourists. I can’t tell whom did I came across with during my tenure so far but I could remember some of them who are from Asian countries like Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, India, Vietnam, the Philippines, and even a Cambodian tried to reach me through the telephone. It’s quite staggering to know there are plenty of Arabians who hailed from countries in the Middle East like Iraq, Iran, Libya, Pakistan and etc. living in Malaysia. Our shop do entices Caucasians whom mostly spend their time standing in front of the lenses display cabinet. A conversation with English is simply pleasing as we share some common interests. Just a simple question “Do you like football?” they will show an enthusiastic look and our conversation could move on to what team do you support or which team do you think is going to win. Haha, I had encountered a Liverpool fan, a Fulham fan, and a Man United fan, I’m still longing to say Hi to a Geordie.

Due to the nature of my job, I get to see different kind of people everyday, in fact, every one is unique. You want to see some of the cases I’ve encountered? Alright, let’s kick-off with some funny and profound examples. Some customers are simply _____(I’ll leave it blank as I don’t know the way to put in an adjective for this one) that they would like to buy a Sony or a Panasonic in our shop. Probably the logo outside our shop doesn’t stand out that much but hey do you get a KFC in a McDonald’s? Next, we have this – a customer looking only for a part in a camera, this is something familiar to looking only for flour that produce Kentucky Fried Chickens. You may say the latter is forgivable but the former is truly a joke. Oh another extreme profound example is a customer was looking to exchange his problematic cartridges with a new set of cartridges which later on he intended to purchase some extra sets. The conversation goes like this: Customer:”I got a lot of money, gimme some discount la.” Us:”Sorry sir, discount is not available.” Then for whatsoever reasons something pissed him off that he started to whining and complaining the cartridges. Angrily he trampled away and we purposely thanked him. The next thing we can heard of was the utter from the customer “You all work like a donkey a I tell you” before he vanished from our sight. Guess what we were like laughing rolling on the floor because of the last sentence. After that incident, the phrase from the customer became our favourite quotation for some time. I don’t know who looks like a donkey now I’ll leave it up to you. Alright gimme a break. Have you ever come across with disabled person? How do you communicate with them when they can’t speak nor hear? Well a rejection is the worst thing a man could do on these individuals I think. In the end I spent almost an hour responding to their needs and I just felt noble although they weren’t purchasing anything.

There are just too many of people that I’ve met and it’s something I didn’t expected to be when I first took the job. When I was younger I thought I’d become a tour guide, meeting people from around the world and then leading them from a spot to another. Contrary to my youngster dream, I now wait for people from around the world to my doorstep and promote them with the products I have on hands. What a twist it has taken. Well, earlier I did felt a change in the wind and now the cloud seems to be clear. Unknown to what is it going to be like in front of the path, I decided to take on the road not taken. I enrolled into a one year course in traditional Chinese medicine, hopefully by attending such a course would give me a healing hand to rejuvenate and revitalize myself. Meanwhile if I feel this is the cup of tea for me I’d go all in. This one year time will serve as a stepping stone for me, because a men who has health has it all, whatever might happen in the future, I want my life to be a lifestyle, not just a life.

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Just me

120708 (260708)

I have a long list of people to thank. These people are none other than my friends. To me, I like to call them mate! In a text message, I love to begin with “Mate!”. Once in a while, these people would come along to lift your heart. That’s the beautiful part of friendship happen to human kind. And it did happen!

Yesterday, Cherry brought me out for dinner. I thought it was going to be a plain and pleasant gathering. Brilliant person like me would had never figured out it was a PLANNED BIRTHDAY BASH! The moment I entered the restaurant I saw Jolin and his girlfriend. I thought we bumped into a dating couple unexpectedly. As I glanced around, (Hey)it’s Luke and Boon Keong! (Hang on)Didn’t Luke says he and Boon Keong are going to attend some Buddha event? (No!)It strikes me now. It’s all PLANNED! I can’t believe it for seconds. Mixtured feelings I had. While we were waiting to be seated, Scott, Henry, Choobs, JC, Desmond, CF, Gary, Lance and Wallace came up and showed up like a team of football players, although none of them looked like one. I knew what is going to happen next. It’s my birthday celebration! I had some moment of silence, maybe I was too excited and totally surprised by this. It just happened and never in my wildest dreams I thought it would be today. It’s actually two weeks earlier than the exact date. In the next few hours we had fun. We were all in joyous mode. I was simply over the moon. It simply lifted my heart and I’m pretty sure that Nyin enjoyed too. Both of us kind of shared the same feeling throughout the night. I’m going to etch the moments into my memory with blade now. Going to bleed a lot, go away now.

Happy birthday everyone! Million thanks. F&F.

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Most terrible day in my life…

My most terrible day in my life is not today, it happened 7 days ago. To you who might be having your meal this instance, I would like to remind you about the nature of the content as it might be very gross, highly gross.

My family was planning to balik kampung. I suggested to drive instead of travelling by bus, simply because I don’t wanna end up in a road accident. I have more faith in myself than the daredevil bus driver. Too bad I wasn’t convincing enough so mom bought a few Transnasional bus tickets. The bus took off after noon. It seems that my concern over my safety was reduntant. I suddenly broke out in a cold sweat, DAMN! My stomach went whirling. I began a battle with shivers, chills and aches. From that moment on I know I need to poo, immediately. Even a DDD nurse will not help now. I applied some relief lotion, that didn’t help as well. Mom tried to teach me instant Qi Gong. I was stun, and the pain was killing me, I had no choice but try on every possible ways to ease away the whirling in my stomach. I need to go to the toilet, teacher! And the nearest rest point will be at Rawang, which is another 30KM away… I’d be dead by that time I arrive there. Everything has a limit, I can’t stand it anymore! I requested a stop at the roadside. I jumped off the bus, searched for a suitable spot, meanwhile stepped my foots into the mud, DAMN again! My white shoes turned golden brown. DAMN U – Kuala LUMPUR! I took a turn at a corner, pulled down my pant, oh! Before I managed to pull down my pant, it released. It just released, I can’t stop it… Resulting in a little portion of my rejection tinted onto my pant. Some marks of disgrace… Finally, just like a massive flush, it all came down to the earth. What a great sense of relief… I looked down, to my surprise, stuff that I ejected seems can’t be spotted. That’s because the colour of the grass and ground confused me. My poo is in GREEN! Actually, it’s not all green, you know, YELLOWISH GREEN, or perhaps GOLDISH GREEN… (I should’ve taken down the photo of it, now I remember) And it smelled… OOOLALA. When I reached my hand to clean up my royal arse, (very nasty) the tissue soaked almost right away with unrecognized… juice? It almost conclude my most terrible day in life. Another thing is, somehow, I pee on my pant. And that concluded the most terrible day in my life. If you are feeling adventurous and would like to uncover the badland where a pile of gold await explorer like you, grab a gas mask, park your wheels under the Batang Berjuntai exit signboard and the truth is out there. Don’t step into the mud.

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人就是那么。。。犯溅!原本的我,就不喜欢头发剃得短短的。一来喜欢头发有一定的长度好让我整理。其二,我都是后来才发现的理由 – 哈!很多人说我剪短发后,就失去了那股帅帅的气质,就好像大佬颖那种。