About Me & Why You Should Like Me ; )

  1. I’m cute, when I was 15. Don’t ask me why, ask my friends.
  2. I’m cool, I self-proclaim it. (No autograph, please)
  3. I’m quiet, naturally. (Speech is silver, silence is gold)
  4. I’m compassionate, I easily feel for the unfortunates.
  5. I’m rather bold, in basically anything, and things that interest me.
  6. I generally have steeper learning curve, as I’m obsessive.
  7. I ignore phone calls especially during weekends.
  8. I defend myself a lot, if I don’t know you.
  9. Don’t look at me, because when I look back at you I can scare you away.
  10. Don’t try to understand me, you will never get me.

2 thoughts on “About Me & Why You Should Like Me ; )

  1. Daniel says:

    Hi H.Chai,
    Only get to know recently that you are studying in university now. Welldone! Do enjoy yah…

    By the way, you wrote good english these days. Bravo!

    Seh Ku

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