Just telling it as it is

2015, no thanks, bye

The calendar year is going to end soon. For some peculiar reasons, I have a distaste for the number “5”. They always say, “6” is my lucky number, and so be it, I am very eager in looking forward to the following year.

The year has been rough and tough to say to the most extent. It was a direct dichotomy from what I had been through in the previous years. Working outstation in a tranquil transit town in Sabah (Beaufort) somewhat laid down a sense of seclusion in me. And the fact of being an introvert and lived alone for most of the time further withdrew myself from the community, which comprises largely of “uncles and aunties” golden age population. Life was a rote, it was, overall a tedious trade having to work there and what was more in the agriculture industry. A feat that I bet only myself in the world would take on. The journey was not all dreary, though, considering I had the privileges of going through an entirely different path than the others. And I humbly thank the opportunity as it enabled me to discover and understand more about myself. My characters, my strengths, my interests, among other things, my shortcomings and weaknesses.  After all, I guess I find my life correlates with Robert Frost’s infamous

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.


I should really be thankful for the entitlement which only a few stood to had. It was in Sabah and Sarawak that, I learned how to prepare a meal, going to the groceries, taking care of my ownself; that, I dealt with kinds of people I had never encounter like the cunning foxes in the business, the Chinese expatriates of the industry, the foreign labours from Myanmar and Thailand, and friendly indigenous peoples and the likes; that, I appreciated the mesmerizing sunsets of coastal towns, the ever-clear seawater of South China Sea, the majestic view of both Malaysia’s largest and second largest lands from the window of twin otters etc; that, among many other countless memories which I wish I have the honour to write them down. Now, I wished I could have stayed longer.

And so as one chapter ends, another shall unfold. I returned to KL at the beginning of the year after my 2 years stint in East Malaysia. Naturally, the next step for me was to look for a new job. While that was being handled, I realized, not a room for doubt, culture shock was taking its toll on me. I mean, what? I came home to my place and I got culture shock! It was true, as evidenced in the adjustments of my tucked-away lifestyle in countryside to the upright hectic, busy lifestyle in city. I became a tame tiny bunny among a wave of frantic frenzied coyotes on the road. Sigh. And during the course of adjustments, my health inevitably took another setback as I suffered from lips eczema. Missed the clean countryside air and healthy living so dearly. So I was struggling to cope with the shockwaves that I totally did not expect and it did not took me long to get a job as I eventually ventured into the real estate industry. Truthfully, I somewhat had my mind partially set to join the industry when I was still in Sabah after plans of purchasing property sprung up. It was from that point I started to took interest in real estate.

The journey in real estate is, as it turns out, NOT EASY! At the outset, things can look rosy and promising for a rookie. I only managed to close my first deal after 5 months in the business. In reality, real estate being a business as its true nature, it requires one to inject money to keep it up and running. This translates to being income-less in the first 5 months. Nevertheless, it was actually something I had expected, and I thought I could one day win it all back, which at one point I actually believed. As fate has its way, it turned out to be a bitter-sweet moment for me. I was one of the top sellers for an upcoming residential project and the developer out of the blue announced that the development will be postponed – Poof! Like a magic, everything disappears with no room for recovery. And that leaves me with only 2 concluded deals in my first year, and a bleeding bank account. I must say I find this industry not an easy ones, again.

If there is one thing I could find consolation from, it is that, I realized I became fascinated with the rules and regulations of the industry, especially after coming across with industry lawyers and to a certain extent, personal issues which also concern with laws, I took up my second degree in laws, for 2 main reasons – 1) to see things from a new perspective, specifically from the legal point of view, and 2) to complement my current job in the real estate industry. Juggling between work and study is not a walk in the park. A lot of discipline is required in order to cope with the study when one is working. Not to mention, the reason my bank account bleeds is because of the cost of study, which is increasingly expensive thanks to the weakening currency. I find that I still like real estate a lot, and I do not wish to forgo my current job for a job in the legal industry which I have been contemplating. At the same time, I am torn between the flexibility of my present job which offers more time to study compared to a fixed or rigid legal-related job I suppose? What could be in store for me in 2016? I do not know but I really hope to pass my intermediate examination which is in a few months time and then only perhaps to consider whether or not to switch the profession. May all be well in 2016.