Just me

Fiddling with Friday

The snooze button isn’t really helping, I continued to sleep like a log, disregarding the possibility of being chopped down in an impending foreign language test. Somebody has to slap me in the face! Never mind, lesson learned. As a result of utter indisposition to do anything,  I can only now pray hard to God so that I can pass the test.

I deliberately took a longer route after the test to avoid going home too early. Before going out this morning I wrote a note to old man, telling him that I have a test and couldn’t go and help mum out. But it wasn’t the same thing I was thinking inside – I wanted to go and help her out, I just couldn’t decide the direction.  The long journey didn’t do any good. As soon as I got home he questioned me one more time. I said to him “I’ll be free on the afternoon”. I didn’t know why I said that but after all maybe I should really go find her and talk about the situation. Fair enough. It turned out to be a no-show from him however – we didn’t go in the end, he went out for meeting after I promised to go but came back only on the late evening . So we both decided we’ll be going tomorrow morning. Never mind. At least I can get a good run later in the futsal game, just to keep my mind fresh from the mucky condition my foot are now in. I got a call after I finished my dinner from this monster girl whom I thought will only return from her vacation on tomorrow, haha, asking me whether I’ll be going for the futsal game later or not. I think she probably wishes to have a meet-up or something but poor girl gotta ignore her because of the game. Strange conversation on the phone it was, but it kinda lifted my gloomy heart I’ve been carrying the whole day. And things unfolded little by little on a more positive note later for the rest of the day, as I slotted in quite a number of goals, sprinted up and down for like 90 minutes, and most importantly they were all done without feeling a pull in the hamstring. The injury I sustained a couple of months ago really got me worried that I may not be able to perform heavyweight sports like how I did in the past. I’m thankful after a hiatus from the injury I can now still play my favourite sports. I just gotta be extra alert whenever I perform the sports. At the end of the day, there’s at least something to cheer about after a somewhat frivolous Friday.