Just me


Microblogging is like the in-thing to do nowadays I don’t know why am I so lazy to write nowadays (Ok i’ve been lazy all the while maybe it is because of microblogging its function i can like capture the moment or mood and if i blog i have to do it but then i thought since i can have the best of both worlds why not i just pretend nothing has just happened while tweeting or plurking (i dont like FB status updates it is so overrated people are using it like they dont mind others seeing what their do  i mean weaknesses or your emo-ness yes you can use but wise people utilize it to make themselves become more influence c’mon peeps must you post something like i ) life is not all smooth-sailing it gets bumpy at times when you least expect them you see. i just got a text from dad asking me to help mom out at her workplace i wanted to help you so much because i want to learn something especially now it is a good time as the business is still in the starting up stage i want to get involved in it atleast in the future i can pave my ways but at the same time i am faced with a dilemma my mom suggested me to take up a part time position in teaching english in one of the english-teaching institution out there since i am majoring in english i thought it is not a bad idea at all! given what ive acquired this semester i think i really need the practice of involving in the real world i mean working while applying what i have learn and at the same time continue learning and upgrade myself because i think i learn through that way i have been doing it all the while in fact from young  i think if i am to be a teacher i gotta make sure i have all the knowledge i should have. sometimes i am at lost i dont know if it is my fault or should i put the blame on something else say the education system as i grow up i come to realize i am only good at doing things that are repeating and it is pretty much like a machine and i seriously dont hope myself to become one later in the future ok. i admit my mind is blanked for several minutes before coming out with this sentences you see this is like my worst post ever i literally penned down what flowed through my mind and i just dont feel like wanna go back to the sentences and do a review or edit or proofread whatever you get me my mind is so confused now ok confused is not really the idea here i want to say something like crossroad something has to be decided and i cant afford to keep on staying in the comfort zone, cant argh gotta needa talk to somebody soon shit but i dont know how to start with  i must do something at least this is what i know arghhh FUCK