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They say, 6 is my lucky number

Tahniah! Anda ditawarkan untuk mengikuti kursus Bacelor Sastera (Pengkhususan Bahasa Inggeris) di Universiti Putra Malaysia!

I still briefly remember the status message that popped up on the screen of one of the PCs in TARC’s library after it was announced that local varsity applicants can check if they had been accepted into one of the IPTAs. (I’d have post a photo of the status message instead had it not been the tragedy that happened to my lovely phone nine months ago *sob*) Mixtured moments I had before and right after the revelation. Lots of things came across my mind like, “What subject will I be offered to study and where?”, “What if I failed to secure any of the spots?”, expectations and etc. While I nearly settle down at TARC after 1/3 semester, I do hope not to be faced with another crossroad, if things go the ‘proper’ way, and that turned out to be the case. After some killing process of waiting in front of the PC screen, I got into one of the IPTAs just like that via a simple message. Mixtured moments can only I say that was appropriate to describe my emotion. I was overjoyed and at the same time concerned by the revelation. The next few things I did was texting my parents about the news and posting a status update on Facebook. As the news spread, I received a blend of comments from everybody. Of course, most of them were positive, some were not so. I was congratulated, I was discouraged at the same time too.

“Why English!?”

The only and same question that would be directed at me every now and then when the word “English” doesn’t get along with their ears, even up to the present. Pardon me but when it comes to personal, I never liked to disclose it verbally, partly because I am not good at it, or maybe I don’t have to tell you why, or maybe you don’t know me, or maybe I do not know myself, or maybe, unpredictability is really a product of my childhood. After all, I thought it was the best for me after accounting in all the factors, judging from my academic performance, the selection process, attainability factor and etc. I get (calculated) what I want eventually. Expectation? You can forget about me.

Sometimes, nothing is certain, it’s just the way of doing it. I still value the simple advice given by my uncle and aunt, my parents, my friends and those who think I am on the right track. Today is exactly a year since the revelation, and if you wonder why am I digging out old story – a friend of mine has yet to tell me if she was admitted into one of the any IPTAs or not.

“He thinks summer (June) is the best time to plan, to plan ahead of the year, on what you have to do, to realise what you want to achieve. Fail to plan is plan to fail, always remember that.”


2 thoughts on “They say, 6 is my lucky number

  1. CheRRy says:

    Haha. She inspired you with the inspiration to wrote this?
    I love your unpredictability is a product of your childhood man.
    And indeed it really is, i always were asking you about your planning.
    And u never did gave me an exact answer until lately.
    I know u WILL get what u want eventually dude.
    I dun set expectations in life too, but i set dreams to achieve.
    To keep myself moving towards the right aims and dreams~~ HAHAHA
    Study hard ya~~ New semester soon, all the very best ooo

  2. oh my god!!! you were saying me?
    i really read your post with my struggling mood. No wonder tasted so different!

    Hm….i erm…actually didnt reply most of my sms yesterday. But now i’d made up my mind. U got to understand me soon!!!! I love you for the post. Thx man!!

    “Fail to plan is plan to fail, always remember that.”

    I plan, I dream, I do. tat’s what i got like you got your “English”.

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