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我道:“乃家族之姓,秉翰属赐予名。“”意,拿(receive)、持(uphold)、掌(predominate)、主(authority);所谓治国不失秉,又意,秉正、秉公,指做事执法公正无私,乃属一种秉赋(天赋)。“”则意,鸟类之种,俗称天鸡(Golden Pheasant);含高飞、飞黄腾达之意;此外,又译文词,形容文史方面之才能。



7 thoughts on “认识锺秉翰

  1. Jia asked about almost everybody’s names in her birthday dinner yesterday.
    Why not you tell a little bit about your name too, the significance of Dinosaur?


  2. cherry says:

    WAT! u asked about the significance of name of each ?
    hmm mine is cute sweet darling… hahahaha
    dino is not my name ok. its u guys created it one !!

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