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Adios Incubi, Hello Holidays

How is your second semester? If you ask me, expect to hear replies like, “bad”, “not good”, “shitty”, “Huh, what?”

Second semester seems like somewhat never exist to me, from at the first to the last place. On the first week of semester restart, I skipped classes for a trip to the jungle until the final day of the week. Clearly it can’t be a good start. As ironic as it may sound, on the last (first) day of the week when I went back, there were others still not back from their holidays yet! (For whatever reason, the scene of the class cut half the amount of 50 students is still fresh like a pie coming out from oven in my memory until today) Just when I thought I was the only one who was doing all the bad deed (Methought skipping the first 3 days was anything more than enough to be sentenced to death – the others skipped the first whole week!).

On returning to study life, I was mercilessly bombarded by a series of endless literature journals and killing project. My instructor of that, known to me as Prof. Dr emilyROSwhitelephanthilLI, hybridly named after the title of short stories that he asked me to read, have successfully made it to be feeling like his subject was the only one I ever have to study for the rest of semester. Bravo.

I have to do the infamous entrepreneurship subject this semester. That was a baby, a huge baby to take care of! Almost succeeding like the literature subject in making me to feel like the only subject I ought to pay attention throughout the semester. I had to associate with others to run a business in the campus for four days, and having a demanding instructor for the subject made life more difficult. Everybody hated it, I hardly had any feeling toward it. Period.

On another note, I’ve always been suspicion toward the creditability of the faculty staff. They should learn to grow. Just tell if you don’t know who’s who and I wouldn’t have to stupidly knocking on the doors of those irrelevant who’s who only to find out that who’s who isn’t the right who’s who I wanted to find and finally landing myself in pile of shit with some rebuke from the head of department.

Driving, a pleasure, or a nightmare?

I now drive day in and day out to class as a consequence of not living in the filthiest, dirtiest, disgusting, awfully-and-terribly-run-by-private-company campus hostel any more. Distance is one thing, but I’m fine with it. 35km from home to class and another 35km from class back to home should be as smooth as saying XYZ backwardly. What poses problem is the rocket-rising rate of the vehicles on the road that causes massive traffic jam and the time toll that is taken. I don’t mind waking up early and going home late in order to avoid traffic jam, but what bothers me is the increasing temperature that is caused by the number of vehicles on the road everyday, especially during the afternoon. And I strongly agree with you Marc, if any of you think an increase of 1°c in average temperature is a small matter, then go fuck yourself!

I admit I am a turtle. I have extreme hatred for people who tailgate and close down me in a point-blank distance at the back of my car while I am already driving in the slow lane. Everytime I see it I feel like stepping real hard on the brake pedal without prior warning, and subsequently inviting the “tailgater” to lose control, not over their car but their urinary system. Thereby allowing me to have a good laugh at them. HA HA HA HA. I also hate people who speed like nobody’s business on the road. These people simply do not realize the danger of speeding. They do not have an inkling that speeding is often the cause of all the fatal accidents that happen everyday on the road. “Drive Responsibly”, two simple words that aren’t well-understand by many people. I found it to be very interesting watching a scene when fast moving car is forced to brake/slow down their vehicle in order to avoid crashing with car that moved away from their usual lane to the fast lane. To me those car that moved away from their lane are like angel lah, an act only stuntman will do, that is inviting driver who think they are driving a Formula One race car to brake suddenly and taking the risk of involving in a car crash.

Now, semester draws on! And holidays please don’t be late!

Now I could not care less already, someone please mark it an end for my semester. I do not want to be bothered any more by the all the academic stuff; seeing all the lecturers, dealing with difficult assignment partner, the banyak pattern academicians and so on. Hopefully this semester will not go the wrong way too badly.


8 thoughts on “Adios Incubi, Hello Holidays

  1. cherry says:

    eh eh i saw something i used to said in here.
    banyak pattern. haha
    ur blog is very lengthy man.
    i rather u post shorter but more frequently!
    lolz. hahaha
    academic wise i got no comment cos it is meant to be …. torturing i guess ?!!
    hahaha driving wise … CHERAS there everyday also jam like hell one
    really need to give u big round of applause for able to tahan it man!!
    but i loves speeding. driving slow is causing me to fall sleepy man.
    more dangerous to me. but i would never get too near to other cars.
    for i kia si. hahahaha

  2. “Speed Drive Responsibility”. Human born with latent alert potential. We can drive save, drive fast and drive off own lane without risking ourselves in car crashing cases. Just turn on the latent potential and you’ll find yourself too FREE to do nothing.


  3. Two very good things we can learn from a turtle.
    First, never race against a turtle, you’ll always lose – I might be slow, but I’ll still make it in the end. Haven’t you heard about the story of Rabbit Versus Tortoise?
    Second, a turtle can live up to 100 years – Smooth (not slow!) driving not only prevents us from involving in unavoidable accident (when speeding), it also ensures a better life cycle of your car!

    All hail Turtle!!!

  4. cherry says:

    u think u writing essay a !
    haha provide points and elaborations as well…
    zadao. yaya smooth i know.
    but i guess i would never understand u guys smooth de definition lo.
    ming ming i also very smooth ma~

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