Just another day

You’ll have to wait, Mr Cheng is pretty much occupied at the moment

Counting down the premiere of Kevin Cheng’s new drama is the most exciting thing to do after the countdown of Chinese New Year. The news have it that Kevin’s new drama, an ancient action series entitled A Fistful Of Stances, will be airing on the 17th of March 2010 at 2130 GMT. It is going to be the handful of ancient dramas that Kevin will be playing after the likes of Devil’s Disciples and Beyond The Realm Of Conscience. He has been subject to judgements such as being too stiff and showing lack of expressions especially in his characters in ancient series. However, in his new work, A Fistful Of Stances, there are something for everyone to expect of. The new kung fu series, A Fistful Of Stances, though set at a pre-modern setting, has been specially designed with modern qualities and added humour that will allow audience to enjoy the action and immerse into the scenes. Partnering with Kevin Cheng in the drama is Kenneth Ma. Initially, it was Raymond Lam who had been shortlisted for the role of another leading character but he was replaced due to certain reasons and it appeared Kenneth Ma will be the one who is taking over the role. Methought the selection of Kenneth is more likely to bring out the humourous effect that the series will be offering because of his merry personality. I will be looking forward to the partnership of these two popular names currently in the industry, and of course specifically, needless to say, Kevin Cheng. I bet I would be thrilled and overwhelmed because for long I had not breathe in new air since trapping myself in a fuming room watching Rex in Burning Flame III.

On another more (very) interesting note, Kevin Cheng is now working on another drama [Only You] that focuses on modern wedding as a theme. And what potentially attractive and irresistible is that Kevin Cheng will play the role of nothing more than a… WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER!!! Oh my goodness this is like something never in my wildest dreams that actually and in the very supposed fact to happen someone play me the music of sweet chin pleaseee excuse and forgive my run-on and comma splices sentences if there is any because it is hard to coordinate when I want to speak my mind the unprecedented feeling of excitement and I am very much countering myself because on one hand I hope it to be released to the surface as soon as possible and on the other hand I want to sink deep into the sea of waiting to feel the eventual worth.

Kevin Cheng practising with his camera (Credit: Ann Choi)

The month of March according to my instinct if not wrong, is going to be eventful, when the 2009 Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards, scheduled to be in end-March, going to be held at Genting Highlands. Forensic Heroes II, Last One Standing, The Ultimate Crime Fighter and The Seventh Day are the four works that Kevin was involved in which will be competing in the award ceremony, with Last One Standing particularly nominated for the Favourite Drama Award. Personally, Kevin was also nominated in the awards for Favourite On-Screen Couple with Charmaine Sheh in Forensic Heroes II and not forgetting, Favourite Male Actor in Last One Standing. If you like any of the nominated artistes in the impending award ceremony, support them when the voting is announced. I attended the similar function two years ago except it was held at Sunway Pyramid back at that time, you can see the photos of the artistes that attended the ceremony here and here. Quite a “starry” entry this is, I promise to show the photos if I am going to attend the award ceremony and until then, Happy Chap Goh Mei to you who are reading.