Just telling it as it is

The Turning

I was in a lot of doubts whether or not should I jump ship and abandon my trustworthy WordPress blog after discovering Tumblr, before entering this post. Before January ends, and having none of any entries stock into my archives yet, I deemed it I still like typing it out lengthy and ‘word-pressingly’. Microblogging can wait. 😉

It’s the festive season in the year again as we are about to celebrate the Chinese New Year! It’s not difficult to sense the atmosphere of Chinese New Year usually as early as one month before the exact period of it. In Malaysia, to perceive the atmosphere of the Chinese community’s greatest festival early, one only have to be on the look out for temporary-built roadside stalls selling mandarin oranges and assorted decorative items. I mostly get very excited when I see them being set up along the hotspot route. It’s one of the many trademark phenomenons that reminds everybody the Chinese New Year is drawing near. Since I drive to class almost every day now, I always look forward to travel the main road, regardless of how congested it would be, just to feel the once-only-a-year festive ambience. Apart from all the normal phenomenons we commonly see before the Chinese New Year, like streets decorated with big red lanterns, commercial malls adorned with Lunar New Year theme, festive songs being aired on the radios, TV advertisements and so on, one rare peculiarity I notice this year is the frequent transportation of brand spanking new cars in giant caravans on the road to car showrooms. Clearly, everybody wants a new car in the new year. Now it makes me stop to think a while about when will I be able to own a car myself.

The next five years as I deemed it is crucial to me. Things that I’m doing now and about to do, and events that will be taking place, will significantly have impact on myself and my family respectively, in the foreseeable five years time scale. Taking these into consideration, whatever shall happens in the future, it shall be just a matter of time, at least I’m prepared for it. Personally, at the moment, my main goal is to graduate with a first-class degree and at the same time arm myself with all the knowledge I could on the subject I’m taking right now, so that I’m able to choose a subject of interest I think that is most appropriate to me for further specialization. And that also means a considerable amount of hard work, I know. Hopefully the government will not take back what they had said about the conversion of study loan into scholarship for graduates with first-class degree from year 2010 onwards. Well, that’s personal. On another note, I of course wish all the very best to my parents who are venturing into their projects. And to my siblings who might be struggling with studies, with great hope may both of you can achieve something out of it. And to my grandparents, may God continually bless both of you good and healthy life. I don’t demand a lot usually. If it’s about family matter, I only want each and every one to be unharmed, and stay healthy, and that’s what I secretly ask from God every time I pray. Now never do I have to worry about these things when I was younger, or perhaps, I could in turn be the thing that’s the subject of worry to others. Never mind, at least now when I take care of the younger, I can apprehend it. The expectation is there, the responsibility is there, I have to shoulder some of it, if not all, especially being the eldest among the siblings. And I suppose the more we live with the numbers, the more of it I will ought to shoulder.