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Meet the Choongs

Ever since watching the series Heart of Greed, taking family portraiture photo or at least having all of them come together to have a family meal has been high on my wishing list. Please note it is on my wishing list, and it would be a different story if I said that it is on my must-do list. To reminisce the past pictures of everybody congregated under one roof during joyous event like Chinese New Year, I have to travel back in time at least some 10 years ago. Farcical it sounds I know. But the fact that everybody is so tied up to life made this kind of thing feasible. Life is a big word, well, you know it. Let’s not get too deep into this.

Yesterday, something somewhat unlikely to happen in the past decade happened. Grandma was the mastermind behind of this, which is grandpa’s 80th anniversary birthday celebration! This is definitely a wonderful chance not to be missed, by me and everybody else in the family. After all, we are so blessed to have an old man who is in his first 80s and still go strong.

Our most beloved and respected elders

Our most beloved and respected elders

As dusk approaches, we were all present in the private room of a nearby restaurant. “Are you my cousin?” asking one of the lads while looking on doubtfully. I guess this is what we get after getting separated for so long. Alright, don’t get carried away that did not happen. At first, the situation somehow was a tad of blends of awkward and tense, thankfully that did not last long and soon after some noise-makings the party got started! Singing, chit-chatting, eating, drinking, playing, joking, photographing, it was a fun-filled evening. Of course not forgetting the main agenda of the night – grandpa’s 80th anniversary birthday. So dad led the singing and the celebration started with Happy Birthday melodies performed by everybody surrounding grandpa in the middle together with his cake. The next thing we could see was an unbelievable scenario of a newly turned 80-year-old man dancing spontaneously in the crowd which got everybody’s glasses fall onto the floor.

Grandpa gets HIGH

Grandpa gets HIGH

We were all stunned and at the same time too slow to react. We should have danced too! As I mentioned earlier I always wanted to take the photograph of the whole family and I am just glad that I am finally given the opportunity. Surprisingly I never thought of the moment I could become the photographer myself to capture the family portraiture that I am longing for as for all the while I have been imagining all of us spending money at the commercial photography studio to have us framed beautifully and eternally in the pictures. They say good things come to those who wait, with the gear on my hands, and the given beautiful backdrop of golden lights, I cannot ask for anymore, I am simply delighted.




*Due to privacy concerns, these are all the photos I could share to the largest extent whilst the portraiture shots will be made undisclosed.


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