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*Septiembre is September in Spanish

So Long My Friend

So Long My Friend

I admit the whole month is not going that smooth. A fortnight ago I had a heart-aching farewell for my mobile phone. My 3-year-old device fell into the hole of toilet bowl through my broken pocket. It just happened I was not even quick to realize it. It just happened! I wanted to save her but I do not know how to besides kicking myself for that blooper. It was a huge blow I had to suffer as all my personal and important stuff went swimming under the sewerage. Many people have been saying this and that as a mean of comforting on my loss but I just felt that it is simply not the way this should happen. I mean there must be a better way of saying goodbye to your ever-leaving gadget right. To my readers I am now collecting back all the lost contacts please bear with my fault if I could not remember some of the many numbers of you all.

I realized I am staying in the dirtiest hostel of all in the university. I was lackadaisical at first about this statement when a friend told me and I did not bother though. Until recently I bumped into some pictures of the other hostels in the university as well as others outside the university only I am at loss of words. Losses of words because of the other hostels have much cleaner and conducive surrounding compared to mine. The unpleasant smell will always be the first thing to welcome me when I have to walk along the corridor with lots of dusts and litters which look like they were and always there since the day earth was born to get into my room, or to go to the washroom, which I will talk about it later on. The weather these days had turned my tiny little room into a furnace. I am sleeping on a half-broken mattress while being toasted and roasted every night. The chair I used to have in my room was also semi-broken until I requested a replacement of a “new” chair. What else, you already know I had an issue with ants constructing homes under the carpet earlier right? The washroom. Do you know I am waking up to water sink filled with disposed food be it nasi lemak or curry Maggi every morning while I have to brush and shave on top of it? I also wash my clothes every day besides a toilet clogged by unknown objects most of the time. Hat off for those people who think the tiny holes above every disposal tank can make substances such as rice and paper pieces go away. Eat up all the remaining food and eject it through your anus into the toilet bowl boneheads. No, Stuart Little can’t help either. Some of the bathrooms are well decorated with clumps of mosses which makes them identical to waterfall surrounded by greenery. Those greenery have done us proud by providing green elements the earth needed. To my surprise, living under the same roof with me is people who are good at being a part time barber. They are especially good in leaving all the overgrown, unwanted, unnecessary hair scattered everywhere across the floor. Can you imagine if you were in my shoes? What am I if not filthy? On a more serious note, I noticed some rashes on my skin and I went to consult a doctor. The feedback from the doctor was needless to say more. I need to get out of this place A.S.A.F.P.

My nose is running now as I am writing this. I am still recovering from sickness. I had minor fever last weekend which got me panicked but managed to recover the next day. Hopefully it gets better, as holidays are approaching, I do not want to be a sick cat during the holidays.