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Have it not been the sudden declaration of mid-semester break two weeks earlier ago I should have by now starting to enjoy my actual mid-semester break, which should include a whole lot of activities that I can only be dreaming of them this instance. Should all things go accordingly I should have *starting to dream now* attended quite a few of events starting from Saturday, by kicking off the break with a visit to the Kuala Lumpur Photography Fair (KLPF) at Mid Valley. I have not been to any photography fair this year and at the same time I have been looking high and low for a suitable backpack to carry my camera as well as my laptop (I have not encountered a bag that is really say buy-me-buy-me at my first glance yet). Apparently there will be trade fair, talks, showcase and a model shooting competition too in the fair. On another note, one of the agendas on my planner is the Dogathon, which is a carnival held annually in my university for dog lover, and I was about to attend it too. You should start seeing me posting photos by now if the mentioned dreams were to become reality. And the reality is that I am actually having my midterm test! The sudden break had caused the midterm test to postpone to another week later which started from last Monday after the resuming of holidays. Basically, my plans are ruined, pretty ruthlessly.

Talk about university life. Week 7 is approaching, it is almost like the half of the first semester, until the imminent midterm test, only it hits me that, oh my goodness test are coming, assignments are incomplete, presentations are half-way done etc. These things are making me wondering what had kept preventing me from accomplishing what I should have done. Clearly there is something I need to work it out or else the water will only become muddier. On a different note, I joined the Buddhist society in university. Becoming a part of this society is nothing much more than pure co-incidence whilst I believe fate has destined me to be a part of it I want to make sure the affinity shall be prolonged. I attended the first class of activity last Sunday and I got this little surprise. They had this out of the blue but a memorable birthday celebration for me. The seniors were explaining about the rules and regulations that each of us the new members should abide and unexpectedly names of several other newbies including me were called out to the front of the crowd. We were questioned by the seniors whether or not we know what we did wrong, as if we were like prisoners. I hardly recognize and do not know what on earth I had actually done wrong. It was kind of annoying and embarrassing to be questioned over and over again in front of so many people. So the lights went off and the next thing I could hear was the song “Happy Birthday to you”. Truthfully I nearly pissed off by the anonymous actions right before the lights went off. They got me I guess.


4 thoughts on “Gotcha

  1. 稻草边的小帅 says:

    sounds like u were having lots of fun though and i bet you had greet their mother thousands of times over n over again in your heart when they were questioning you. =.= hahahahaha

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