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Inspiration Lost

Inspiration LostReminding me I still had life… in me

The author has a story to tell.

He thinks summer is the best time to plan, to plan ahead of the year, on what you have to do, to realise what you want to achieve. Fail to plan is plan to fail, always remember that.

It’s like a start of something new. It’s also one of the best moments to take a hiatus, look back, whether you’re stupid enough or not, to have fall for someone, because love sucks!

He thinks summer is the time when you can get upset easily. Outside is blooming, there is no such thing as cool water coming out from the tap. Inside, troubles arise from the root.

For too much of mind-bogglers, it’ll drive you an inch closer to the wall. It’s down to logic versus emotion, creativity pays, but please don’t look back in anger, don’t look back in anger.

He thinks summer is like an unwelcomed guest. The intensity is killing every single living organism. Beautiful flower dies, if left not attended by him, who has the power, to turn attention to greet blossoming tulips.

He who likes flower should learn something out of it. All flowers go through a cycle, like human, there are highs and lows, just remember do not held your head too high. A flower can die today and flourish back tomorrow, that’s food for thought.

The author thinks whenever we’re faced with situations, we can’t judge on something based on emotion, and that’s the time when we should held our head high, to confront the adversity. Just like the rejuvenation of death flower.


7 thoughts on “Inspiration Lost

  1. The author should forget about dead flowers and look at the still alive ones 🙂
    PS : I love dead dried flowers. There’s something beautiful about them.

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