Just telling it as it is


The last whole week was my college’s orientation week. The week before the freshmen’s week was a week which I managed to get through by attending myself to all kinds of big and unrelatively important stuff. The week before the hard-to-get-through-week was a week I spent indulding myself in the beautiful beaches of the East Coast namely the Perhentian and Redang islands. Basically this post will be things that happened over the past 3 weeks after resigning from work. That’s it! Yeah, that just rounded up what had happened in the past 3 weeks. Period.

Haha. Ok. So I attended the college freshmen’s week. I know some of my friends will say: “Aiyah, orientation no need to go one, nothing to do geh.” I’d agree to a certain extent, but I still feel the need to attend the freshmen’s week as
1. It’s the place I’ve been always looking forward to be in.
2. It’s good the get acquainted with a new environment in an early stage.
3. DDDs.

The first day of orientation was the Mass Call which scheduled at 1400GMT. I was being a tad of skeptical before going out as I don’t know which outfit should I put on, pardon me I was too excited for this. The first day ended up with some surprising elements as the VIP of the day, entered the College Hall as we greeted him in a very muhibah manner, by clapping hands and uttering out loud “Huan Ying Ni”, “Welcome”, “Selamat Datang”, “Van na cum”, apparently four different welcome languages, who appeared to be Dato Seri Ong Ka Ting, who then of course delivered an exhilarating speech. There were two activities on the second day as I attended a briefing by the programme supervisor and had some fun meeting my coursemates. The third day was the Society Day. Freshmen like me will get to choose the college’s societies of their own choices. It was also the day I wanted to end Gary Chuah Cheng Wai’s life who were being Two Face by doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. On the fourth day, it was just another ‘compulsory’ briefing and I got my student ID card in the end of the day. I’m beginning to get familiar with the college, which has a campus five times the size of an Old Trafford. On a different note, I did saw a lot of DDDs. It could be due to my prior working environment, which probably changed the way I look at DDD to some different degree. The younger DDDs are just not that attractive to me anymore, unless the DDD is of some character with matured appearance. That’s more or less about it, my college freshmen’s week. Tomorrow would be the first day of study, can’t wait to put on my student ID card, haha!

Just telling it as it is

Bits in CCS (IV) & Life after working

It had been 5 days since I stopped working, and life without working is, as a matter of fact, pretty MEANINGLESS!!!!!!!!!! Although I regained much of my spare time, I still prefer the life when working. When I don’t work, I tend to spend and I think this normally happens to just anybody. In fact, I just burned a MASSIVE hole in my wallet last month, by taking up the so-called ‘expensive hobby’. That’s why I started to have a second thought on lenghty working hours, as by working long hours I don’t spend, but earn in turn. I really don’t mind anymore about having another ten-to-ten job in the future, just give me the longest working hour job in the world. Haha.Here I’d like to thank all the personnel that I’ve met throughout my short stint at CCS for tirelessy guiding me and good luck in your future undertakings. Enough of the working chapter, I’m going to close case now and leave it behind of my head. There are two things I’m looking forward now namely the upcoming islands breakaway and the seven letters word – C.O.L.L.E.G.E. I’m just hoping to take myself off completely during the holidays and come back with a brand-new mood which has to be focused on studies. But the problem I’m facing now is there will be a week time after returning from holidays until the opening of college, which I find it hard to crack by filling don’t-know-what-to-do in my personal planner. Anyway, this year is going to be very exciting ahead!