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Bits in CCS (III)

I always feel there’s something missing in the recent posts. Yeah! You’ve got it right, Canon wide range of products! Haha, this post will mainly be on the products of Canon. Generally most people will first think of camera when they see Canon. This is inescapably true as Canon has been specializing in the manufacturing of optic for the past 70 years, and this serves as a very trusty factor for Canon to be one of the top players in the camera market. For the younger generation, especially students, they will also recognize Canon printers and calculators as their printing or calculating solutions. I’m going to concentrate on the camera, printer and calculator as well because I feel these are the things which are relative to the needs of my similar age group of friends as well as the younger generation. By the way it’s the final week for me to serve at CCS so in case some of the products below I’m about to recommend successfully added into your wish list, don’t hesitate to come to me would be the first thing you should do, you’ll be promised to have a great bargain. Hehe.

Digital Cameras

Digital IXUS 95 IS
Canon Digital IXUS 95 IS

For some people, they will consider getting one of these tomorrow right after falling for the 6 colours option of this new ultra-compact camera. Consider the lightest among all the new cameras, this credit-card size IXUS 95 IS features 10 million megapixels, 3x optical zoom and a 2.5″ PureColor II LCD. The new Smart Auto means shooting via the Automatic mode has never been so easy and convenience as the camera automatically determines the right scene accordingly based on 18 pre-defined shooting situations.
Smart Auto function
Undoubtedly one of the most user-friendly cameras but great for general point-and-shoot and everyday shooting only at RRP RM988. Hey Mother’s Day is drawing near eh.

Digital IXUS 100 IS
Canon Digital IXUS 100 IS

Finally, measuring at only 18.4mm the IXUS 100 IS is the slimmest camera Canon has ever produced. This sleek and gorgeous metallic-coated camera boasts 12.1 million megapixels, 3x optical zoom and a 2.5″ PureColor II LCD behind of the body. This beauty also comes with the ability to shoot High Definition (1280×720 @ 30fps) video to be on par with the advancement of HD technology.
Sleek at its 18.4mm
Priced at irresistibly RRP RM1199, this beauty certainly has caught everybody’s eyes looking for camera with style and substance.

Digital IXUS 110 IS
Canon Digital IXUS 110 IS

Canon has certainly made the right move by introducing camera with colour options and design elements. This curvaceous camera comes with 12.1 million megapixels, 4x optical zoom and a 2.8″ PureColor II Widescreen LCD in a blitz to allow user to shoot High Definition video with 16:9 aspect ratio. The IXUS 110 IS also brags a 28mm wide-angle lens to make effortless landscape or group shots.
Wide-angle shot
Powerful compact with wide-angle and HD recording only at RRP RM1399. Ideal for people who likes landscape shooting, Deco? Hehe

*All the cameras shown above are equipped with the latest and powerful DIGIC 4 Imaging Processor and Image Stabilizer (IS). To explore more about Canon’s digital cameras, kindly visit http://www.digitaldreams.com.sg/ixus/.

All-in-One Printers

Canon PIXMA MP145

The most afforadable inkjet photo printer to cater all your needs. It’s not a micro oven, tiny 2 picoliter and maximum resolution of 4800dpi give you the ability to produce photo lab quality printing. Bundled together with a scanner and photocopier, this MP145 simply do the everyday job for you with ease and speed.

RRP RM268. If you buy one, you don’t have to come to my place everytime just to print a page or two, Darren. Give you a free 4GB USB drive while stocks last.

Canon PIXMA MX318

Professional-looking all-in-one printer including Super G3 Fax. Print out photo lab quality photo and documents with its 2 picoliter droplets and 4800dpi maximum resolution in 22(B&W)/17(Colour) pages per minute. Scan, copy and fax effortlessly with the assistant of an Auto Document Feeder up to 30 A4 pages.

RRP RM468. If you buy one, you don’t have to come to my place everytime just to fax a page or two, Darren. Give you a free 4GB USB drive while stocks last, too.


LS-270V II
Canon LS-270V II

Calculator goes colourful. Available in Spring Green, Autumn Orange, Summer Red and Winter Blue, these 4 pocket-sized calculators feature a 8-digits calculation capacity in a big display, dual power and mark up calculation as well. This lead-free lightweight product slips into just any pockets in your bag and calculate your numbers in a colourful way!

RRP RM17.50 only, great for gift. In fact, I have one of the orange ones with me.

Oh. Before I sign-off, here are,
the Compact Photo Printers

Selphy CP770
Canon Selphy CP770

Can’t believe I nearly miss out this thing. Shown above is the popular Selphy CP770 compact photo printer. Throw a party and snap photos, print ’em out instantly with the CP770. Handle your photo immediately when printing is done, the photo’s durable overcoating prevents water spills, finger prints and other hazards. Long lasting technology ensures you preserve your memories in either postcard or credit card size the best way you could.

RRP RM549 only. You don’t have to own a Canon, just pull out the memory card from your camera, plug in and print, it’s that easy!

Selphy ES3
Canon Selphy ES3

Let me clear off some myths. The Selphy ES series is different to that of the Selphy CP series. The ES series allow user to do Creative Printing, which user can customize their photo, like adding on clip arts, frames, calendar, album or even speech bubble before printing. Whilst the CP series is a great photo printer without Creative Printing, user can still expect the same quality of output between this two series of printer. Make use of the 1GB built-in memory to store your favourite prints and print wirelessly with optional Bluetooth adapter or via Infra Red.

RRP RM799 only. Save your memories the way you like.

Emm… Clearly this post is intended to draw some sales in the next 8 days as I’m going to leave CCS at the end of the month. So far, some of my friends did came to me to purchase a couple of unit cameras and I think they are very happy with what they got from me. It’s a good experience also to do some business with the people whom I know, haha. Lastly, if one of the items above really hits you, come visit me at Canon Lifestyle Concept Store, Mid Valley, don’t miss it.

[Part III ends]


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  1. cherry says:

    no one commented on this u c
    haha i evytime open wanna leave
    but alwaz forgot
    cos dunno wat to do.
    i voted twice for my 95is
    and that’s the oni things i read thruout the whole things. wahahah
    abit lengthy n boring la.
    those who are rely interested in canon stuff
    shud come grab a view.
    others will just… huh… bored !

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