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Bits in CCS (II)

Apparently someone is whining about the lack of updates of my blog ehhhhh.

Once Upon A Time
Ok. I’m undergoing some reminiscences here. Outdoor activities, entertainment and outings are things that look a million miles away from me, I hardly grasp the chance for these. Don’t get me wrong in first place, I’m not a workaholic, it’s just the nature of the job. Never mind. Last Monday I played the first badminton game in some 5 months, I didn’t know what was the feeling, but it felt good to work out all the sweat once in a very long while. After the game, Scott, Wallace and I went to Low Yat Plaza together. Oh my goodness, it just hit and questioned me when was the last time the three of us hang out together to this place. It just changed, so much. This kind of scenario happened again on the Wednesday when I rode with Scott to Mid Valley. When we were in the mall, both of us admitted time really changed things around. Assuming you visit a place for the first time at a certain age (young age I’m referring at here), the feeling you get from the first time will be certainly different to that of when you come back to the same place after 10 years for example. If you get me you’re a great listener, as I myself have no clue what am I crapping. I realized I’m yet to watch the first movie and eat the first crab, for the first time in some 150 days.

DOG DUNG! Could somebody tell me why am I keep on stepping on it? Yucks! Everytime it stick under my shoe my car’s interior get instant perfume which makes me feel like throwing up. The morale of the story is I must learn to avoid dung, or I must learn to clean up the mess if I’m careless. Similarly, in the workforce, do not leave dung behind for others to clean up. Commitment is the key.

Standing, Sitting, Wishing
Last month was a what-a-month-it-was for CCS. Godlike I’m almost, due to the regaining spending ability of parents from ‘school spending spree’ and the first ever photography fair in Malaysia – DCIM Show 2009. Specifically during the DCIM Show 2009, shoppers swamped into the store like tidal waves, they just don’t stop coming in. From time to time, the whole store was full of shoppers and there were only 5 of us which resulted some of the shoppers stomped out because they were not served in time. Taking experience from the first day of the fair, I resorted to a pack of Neslo-ais in order to keep me stay alerted. I almost become a holy god due to the fair. This month will be the final month for me in CCS. In fact, I’m resigning on the last day of April now though the initial projected resignation date was 5th of May. It’s still a good move. Mixtured moments now, just sitting, waiting and wishing. [Part II ends]


5 thoughts on “Bits in CCS (II)

  1. cherry says:

    hmm this blog rely abit dull.
    i guess cos its writte upon ppl request!
    hahaha nvm la
    my frens once said when u start with a tough jobs then later on when u goes on others works u will think that its a piece of cake. so suffer now and enjoy later… hahaha

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