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Bits in CCS (I)

This blog (and some upcoming entries in the next few weeks) is going to cover mostly about the working life I’m having now since it’s the final month I’ll be working in Canon Concept Store (CCS) though I’ll be resigning on the 5th of May, mainly because I don’t want get relaxed too early before the islands trip which falls on 7th of May. By doing this way, I can take myself off completely from the working world and soak myself in the beautiful beach under the shinning sun, just relax, after some hectic thousands hours of all-work-and-no-play.

Back to the topic. My days in CCS are numbered now, yeah I think it’d be good to post stories about my working life, since I barely get to write ever since started working. Talking about this, perhaps I should kick-off with the early part. My life turned drastically after joining the workforce. Adjusting from high school to work place is the first thing to hit me. The working hours is still the biggest pullback although I had already get used to it. Working from ten to ten everday means no leisure time for me to carry out my favourite pastime or even to settle some personal thing because my time is all tied to the shop. It could get frustrating sometimes when I feel time is hard. I’d only get to rest once in a week, normally it falls on every Monday, but that in turn taught me a precious lesson – time management. The sacrifices are actually paying off by telling me how important time could be to a person, especially to people like me who used to waste a lot of time back in high school by doing NOTHING. Today, once I get a rest day, I know I only have 24 hours in the following week to accomplish the things that are important to me, I’d plan accordingly. I just don’t want to become the old me anymore, never. In fact, this has also further inclined my decision in topping TESL high on my courses of desired because I know I want a job that allows me to have flexible working hours. Right now, hopefully with fingers crossed I could secure a place for that.

There’s nothing wrong with long working hours, really. But when I think of the goods and bads of lengthy working hours… Good things are that of course there will be extra bucks for earning, boss praises you for being hardworking but boss as always gets to eat the bigger pie, an ideal training way to become a workaholic etc. On the other hand, the bad things are… actually a lot, but I’m more worried towards the issue of health. I don’t have to look far, I myself already starting to experience some health issues. It could be the nature of the job, there are blisters on my feet after standing on my feet for an extended period. I just hope it doesn’t get anywhere too far until it affects me. Money is important, health is way more important. I can’t agree with people who puts money infront of health or other things, because I can’t resist to lay my sympathy to those who ignore their healthcare, escpecially when they eventually fall under the palm of diseases.

I guess this entry has to be about working hours, it’s just not the way I planned to be. Anyway, if you’re curious about how did I make through such an extended working hours, emm… don’t have to be surprised, because it’s about Kevin Cheng. You know I’m a big fan of him and if you’re familiar with one of his series, Under The Canopy Of Love, he actually potrayed an executive in a shopping mall. Isn’t the working scenario is very similar to that of mine? We both work in a mall! Yes, I’m kind of inspired by this series, and at the same time I wanted to know how will it be like to work in a mall. And it just happened that I actually get to work in a mall! Differences? He is an executive, I’m just a trainee and he have Ko Yat Sze (Niki Chow), I have my cameras… Ok, take that as something delighting, because I’m here to “Delighting You Always”. But seriously, that series did more or less gave me the inspiration to carry on. Back to reality, what drives me is that the interest in photography, meeting different kinds of people, learning from mistakes, gaining knowledge that cannot be found on textbooks and etc. It’s not a bad job actually. [Part I ends]


10 thoughts on “Bits in CCS (I)

  1. cherrylyn89 says:

    gotta admit ur blog althou lengthy but then its interesting i guess…
    hahaha i bei min u oo… hehehe
    hmm, wat more can i say?
    haha u enjoy ur last moments in CCS wo.
    i hoped u’ll turn to be more socialize afte workin
    haha i meant like more talkative leh. haha
    then during the trip time i wun be talkin alone.
    althou got others also la. haha

      • Cherry says:

        excuse me, u thou dino talk to u not san fu a?
        haha have to bend down n beware of not steppin on u leh! so tiring also.. 😛
        wahahaha i so bei min one cos i am a socialist
        muz praise ppl more…
        make them happy… haha

  2. cherry says:

    i thou ur enjoyin evy single day.
    shud be counting evday miserablely ?
    hahaha get sicked of daily routinue huh
    no freedom one leh… stress… for me la
    working so tiring.. 😛

  3. LOL~~
    You and him same working in a mall~!!
    Long working hours cause you to dream more?
    Lol..waiting for the trip time!
    Dun ever promote ur css products at my blog!!

  4. JChen says:

    haha ehhhh UPDATE more often la.. it isnt all that hard to type in a few words hahaha

    and good luck in your uni application thg, and have fun =)

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