Just me

Strange, but good

I’m having a very strange feeling right now. This is so dejavu. I went to Tunku Abdul Rahman College to sign-up for a course that I wished to study since 2 years ago after SPM. Actually the purpose of this is to provide a backup plan, in case the local universities which I applied for don’t want to offer me a place for study, which I think it’d be a waste for either one of them. 😎

After 2 years of Form 6, I’m quite certain as to which directions I’m most likely heading to. I’d of course place priority on entering local university, preferably doing a B.A. in English or TESL after giving lengthy and sensible consideration. I just think no other courses other than these suit me better in an earnest way. Although business fields still look intriguing to me, specifically Finance, I have to forgo it as I’m not a technical person, and all the while I’m not that sensitive towards figures. I have to be honest to myself. Whatever might happen on the fourth week of June (the period when I get to know about university acceptance) I’d still be a happy man because I know I’m making the right choice.

So, I went back to TARC, for the third time, in two years, to sign-up for a course, a course which I’ve been wishing to study since a couple of years ago. I come back to here, no matter what happens, in the end, that’s why I can’t explain the feeling. It’s actually a Diploma in Commerce which I get to specialize in Business Management. Different from Finance and the likes, it doesn’t require me to be a very technical person. For that time being, I still cannot juggle between this two courses (Commerce and Finance). So I needed a final feedback. You know, when I approached the counsellor, she is a she, straightaway opened up and be very honest to me, telling me I don’t suit Finance, and it happened by chance at first flip of the prospectus, she actually flipped to the page that contains information about Dip. in Commerce. “Nah, this one…” she says. “I can see from you that you’re not that technical person, don’t do Accounting or Finance.” she adds on. She can see from me, I can also see from her that she have to be a very experienced lecturer (in fact, she is a lecturer on Financial Accounting), who are capable of judging people (I always take my hat down for this kind of people). She sees me as a more versatile person, which I feel very relative, and suggested me to take up the Dip. in Commerce. I get the message from her in like almost lightening instant. I knew it have to be this way. After some constructive comments and discussions with her, I tops Dip. in Commerce high on my list of choices and drop the application form into the submission box.

My future plan? Well, that’s about academic. On the other side, I should see myself still put on the red Canon uniform until the 10th of May. That’s exactly 5 months of short working life, but the experiences will be etched forever along the path. After the resignation, I’m going to concentrate on the traditional chinese medicine class as I barely get a chance to carefully revise the notes and do some research work. In the meantime, engaging in a trip with closed-friends would be marvellous. Until then, as I walk on along the path, the path that is less travelled, the story goes on……