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Tangy Tangerines

Tangy Tangerines

Tangy Tangerines

I can’t explain why can’t I hide my excitement every time Chinese New Year is around the corner. I just love Chinese New Year! Do you like it?

***I wish my health will finally return to the proper course***


13 thoughts on “Tangy Tangerines

  1. deco says:

    Boss congrats tat u break up with charmaine, its a good newsXD and i really enjoy CNY, hope to meet u soon=)

  2. Cherry says:

    no update one
    haha doesnt know what to comment on ur lately post
    hehehe bt thn i’ll keep myslf update wit it
    haha today is chap goh meh leh
    happy chap goh meh oo
    n all ur tangy tangerines can throw away jor
    or i bet u eaten them up all, haha.

  3. marc marc says:

    hey u were not at home la when i visited u’re house durin CNY. only grandma alone was around >.<

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