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12 thoughts on “想到就头痛

  1. Mr. Leo, you aren’t Aquarius, Libra and Gemini…
    So you’ll never get used to think faster and wiser than the above three Wind-type zodiac…
    So you’ll overthinking, so don’t think too much, act precisely and courageously.
    Because you have a great intuition, Fire-type master.
    Believe in your own intuition, that’s how Napoleon conquered the Europe in 18th century.
    Next time, take the 50 bucks and shout: “I’m the King of the World!”

  2. innkun says:

    haha.i think u got ur target liao.
    when feeling come,den just do it.
    and remember to grab the chance.
    coz chances r not always there.

  3. deco says:

    u noe im so miss u nowadays! i miss the days spent with u all leh~~~miss the days sit behind u~~~
    omg, u gona gambateh for ur love story lar…once u lock on the target then go ahead! come on, i need a pretty sexy juicy wisdom clever and super good de taukeh soh XD

  4. starting a relationship is okay to me at anytime. but to start during high school is a very unsecure decision and this is what normally happen to teenagers. reasons are simple. i regard this as puppy love which normally won’t last long and break-ups could happen anytime which i’ve seen countless times among my friends who started relationships early. the other point is that we don’t have earning power it’ll be like spending parents’ pocket-money on a girl that i like which i cannot accept it.
    best i start a relationship when i can earn money, in that way i can prove to a girl i can be a very dependent person in term of financially at least. now that i have earning ability so the door is open to anyone (except boy). love is blind you might say anyway i am ready to make a move if i see a girl that i like.

  5. xiao c says:

    like ur thinking!definitely agree wit u!

    dun simply simply start a relationship!u muz think wat can u giv d gal.

    support u!

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