Just another day

Probationary period

I took off the probationary sticker which has been stamped on my car for 2 years today. Truthfully, it’s a moment that I’ve been always looking forward to.

I had been through the heart-pumping moment of passing a freaking driving test, had my first-time experience of fetching a handful of friends who tried to fit into a 4-seaters car, and then almost collide with a Mercedes, had a minor accident which caused the backdoor some damage, rode as far as possible with mates, had tried out crazy things like speeding side by side with another gang of mates (we had the sound booster turned on and sung out so loud as if we’re like a moving k-box), reaching peak mileage just to feel the excitement and intensity, and not forgetting secretly driving my father’s car to pick up girls 8) .

The most ridiculous incident ever happened was experiencing a series of car breakdowns. It was last year’s Chinese New Year eve when I fetch Mr Lee and friends for an outing at Sri Hartamas. It was plain-sailing until I couldn’t shift the gearbox when the traffic goes green. How could a car move when the gearbox isn’t functioning? As luck would have it, my car was on a sloop. I released the handbrake and let the force and momentum to do the job so that I can prevent some ‘heated’ environment, that is to say, drivers behind, lack tolerance, will hit the honks. I realized the brake was too, got out of hand. Parked the car aside, I called for rescue. Dad came, did some inspection, and he managed to drive the troubled-car away home. At some stage I was impressed at the ability of problem-solving of my old man. Our outing carried on, I drove my father’s car instead. We had a great time hanging out together, we return home at 0000GMT. The series goes on. Choobs’ tyre went flat! I must ask myself that time what on earth is going on? 6 of us who have no knowledge on fixing a flat wheel against one bloody flat tyre. Choobs was crying so we want to shut him up and we worked all the way replacing a new wheel as time ticks away. Obviously, we’re 6 wisemen, everything is back to good in an hour.

Time flies. Finally the time has come for me to tear off this ‘P’ initial sticker from my car, I thank all the memories you gave me along this two years, but you look freaking ugly, I have to get rid of you!

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