Just me


星期四     雨季



Just another day

Back to school… ugh

Holidays are over, and so school starts again for the last semester. All things come to an end, and when it all end, other issues will spring up, problems come to you or sometimes we ask for troubles, forcing one unavoidably fall back into the cycle, hence, another circle.

Great to see my classmates back. They are as funny and stupid as ever. Talk of the day was Facebook – the applications. It’s amazing to see a tiny flash game gel a group of friends together, doing the things that we often can’t get our hands on it in reality. The virtual version of our real world is a force that we can’t ignore.

It felt so wrong since holidays, that I’d been doing zero revision. Procrastination is like a worm, that bites you up slowly. I really hate personal timetable. Without it, I can’t get a single matter done. But when I get myself one, it will not last long that I go on referring it. Heck. The whole study thing is driving me crazy. Then inside myself told me somewhere along the line I must confront adversities, if you can’t take it, tell(bluff) the world that you embrace adversities with positive mind. Cheat to yourself that you enjoy taking up hardship.

***Here I go! A La la la la la la life is… WONDERFUL!!!!!***