Just another day

I’m not the Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is a bat-themed superhero who comes out in the midst of the night to whack lawbreakers’ ass. I, on the other hand, am a health-orientated guy who insists to slumber at time as the clocks strike 2300GMT.

On Saturday night, I wasn’t asleep when it was 2300GMT. Instead, I went out with mates to catch the highly-anticipated The Dark Knight. If my memory don’t serve me wrong, this counts as the 4th movies throughout the year. The show starts at 2330GMT, I felt convicted at some point. Adrian’s Batmobile(a black Kelisa with stylish wheel rim) arrived 15 minutes late to pick me up…..*cutting all the craps*….. it was a long show so the show ended at 0230GMT. I thought the show was exceptional, all the suspenses and dramatic moments were breathtaking, and the Joker’s performance was remarkable. The movie deserves a 10 out of 10 I think, strongly.

After a thrilled night, sad to say, I fell sick on the other day. Minor fever and tremendous headache I had. It lasted until the night. I thought it would be an excellent idea to not to go to school on the next morning. So I DID. =) Here, I’d like to take my hat off to the Steamy Gang, who are a bunch of living night creatures on the earth. Just because they can hang out at the mamak after dinner until midnight and most of the time they are reluctant to go home hence all sort of midnight adventures and explorations will come into the play. I am(used to be) one of them, but at some point of our life we all love to look back at what we had done. I realized I can’t afford to go that way, for it’s dragging my health down and various other reasons. I learnt to know what is good and what is bad. I’m always going to be a part of Steamy Gang because I am! Why so serious?

***Things are all worst before they are all good***


10 thoughts on “I’m not the Dark Knight

  1. cherry says:

    the show worth 10/10 ?
    so nice? haha sat go watch wit jia jia 😛
    haha u being boikot isit ? hahaha
    y u asked y who serious?
    who is being serious towards u huh ? hahaha
    now alr so got health concious n forbiden any midnitz life ?
    ur oni 19 wor … haha bt then ok lor its good for health
    if u so health concious suddenly …. den mou ye gong lo!

  2. “WHY SO SERIOUS” is famously-quoted by The Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT if you wonder. x LA, i was simply borrowing his quote in my post.
    HEALTH is the utmost important thing in my life A. u hv x idea what I’m dealing with now. SO SICK… I’m a sick lion now. HAIH

  3. LOL. all of u misunderstood the content.
    the same goes to me n u TOO HEHEHEHE

  4. cherry says:

    sore throat oni mar ? got till so serious mar ??
    how’s d bbq goin huh haha cant eat anything there ?
    haizz utmost impotnt thing in ur life n yet u stil get sick
    y so cham wor? oh i went n c d movie alr
    got tat nice meh? its kinda lik no logic haha
    whole movie saying bout gotham city how to prevent all badness sickness
    n wat it need a true hero…. ~~ kinda bored man haiz haha
    not my type of shows bt mny said nice… wahahaha
    i kinda suffered in there especially there’s a freak beside me
    keep moving his head non stop !! damn kong bu… hahaha

  5. Zop.
    HAIH u x understand, very serious type sorethroat.
    but i’m recovering slowly now.
    and i swear after recovery I will practice a health diet – less OIL less FRIES more VEGE more FRUITS!

    i really x wan 2 say this but…………………………..
    u know BATMAN dislikes KONG LONG……………….
    KONG LONG is destructive……..
    maybe that’s y u dislikes BATMAN TOO!

  6. cherry says:

    ni !!!
    herh i dun1 scold vulgar word
    haha 😛 cheh i think its not nice a
    no matter wat u say… haha
    now qi dai-ing the mummy hehe
    take care lar u! haha u seldom talk also will sore throat till lidis a?
    haha den me mai shud be bisu one liao lor?!
    hahaha mayb this is sth that telling u tat u shud speak more
    bik jing tat’s wat mouth are use to….
    wahahahaha shoot me lar! herh
    u evyday mai also stay at hse be zai nan!
    n ur not yang guang zai nan o dun think too much

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