Just another day

A little bit of this and that

The MUET test was released yesterday. Decent band 4 I scored, I didn’t expect that high. Anyway, I’m not going to pay another RM60 to resit again and that’s the short and long of the story. I’m glad that all my mates passed the test quite well. Gary and Luke were so delighted with their results and vowed to treat us a meal.

With the test is finally over, we were mooting our option again. Some of us suggest that we should return to the English class. Others are still in doubt. I’m going back. I like the class a lot actually, although I have to pay RM60 every month, it’s still worth with all the stuff that I’ve learned.

Lastly, I’ve got myself a brand-new USB drive. 4 years ago, I bought an Apacer 64MB USB stick with RM60. That was a junk! It didn’t last for a month until Black destroyed it. I had no idea how he dismantled the fugly piece of metal. Did he repay me? Today, with the same price, I get the world’s smallest USB stick with specifications like faster writing speed, water-proof and lifetime warranty. It’s the PNY Micro Attache 4GB. I still think it’s a little pricey. But that’s the price everyone have to pay for to get hands on new technology gadgets.

Why am I dealing a lot with RM60?

***The era of cheap things is OVER!***


5 thoughts on “A little bit of this and that

  1. nzfeng says:

    i pay u adi la!!!!!!
    n tat pendrive reli sucks…
    spoil easily…
    cost me rm40 leh!!!!!!!!!!

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