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120708 (260708)

I have a long list of people to thank. These people are none other than my friends. To me, I like to call them mate! In a text message, I love to begin with “Mate!”. Once in a while, these people would come along to lift your heart. That’s the beautiful part of friendship happen to human kind. And it did happen!

Yesterday, Cherry brought me out for dinner. I thought it was going to be a plain and pleasant gathering. Brilliant person like me would had never figured out it was a PLANNED BIRTHDAY BASH! The moment I entered the restaurant I saw Jolin and his girlfriend. I thought we bumped into a dating couple unexpectedly. As I glanced around, (Hey)it’s Luke and Boon Keong! (Hang on)Didn’t Luke says he and Boon Keong are going to attend some Buddha event? (No!)It strikes me now. It’s all PLANNED! I can’t believe it for seconds. Mixtured feelings I had. While we were waiting to be seated, Scott, Henry, Choobs, JC, Desmond, CF, Gary, Lance and Wallace came up and showed up like a team of football players, although none of them looked like one. I knew what is going to happen next. It’s my birthday celebration! I had some moment of silence, maybe I was too excited and totally surprised by this. It just happened and never in my wildest dreams I thought it would be today. It’s actually two weeks earlier than the exact date. In the next few hours we had fun. We were all in joyous mode. I was simply over the moon. It simply lifted my heart and I’m pretty sure that Nyin enjoyed too. Both of us kind of shared the same feeling throughout the night. I’m going to etch the moments into my memory with blade now. Going to bleed a lot, go away now.

Happy birthday everyone! Million thanks. F&F.


10 thoughts on “120708 (260708)

  1. cherry says:

    guess it did turned out to be a suprise hor…
    hahahah 😛 hoped u lik d present ba…..
    2 wks later i sms u wish u gainz la.. ok? haha

  2. nzfeng says:

    hey dude…
    sry coz din celebrate wit u tat day n at ur bday…
    maybe u will c some surprise in my blog on ur bday
    but tat day is my exam…

  3. boss~~~
    tats y i feel weird when they said wana celebrate for u=.=
    becoz you are Leo wat, how cum will having buftday on dat saturday neh>.<
    anyway 2 weeks later i will provide more dd for u,haha

  4. cherry says:

    haiz keep ddd
    say got ddd so jing shen man !
    hahaha exam a! stpm a! haa concentrate more on tat ba
    😛 hehe

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