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Darren van der Waals is the new Sean Kingston

This time last year, I was soaking myself in the beautiful beach of Langkawi, together with 10 other companions. We went hiking up the hill, trekking down the jungle, hopping round the islands, we just explored the island. Browsing through the photographs that we took during the journey, it was discovered that Darren’s hair were still growing, so I made this:


They are like brothers, aren’t they? And Darren can sing too! This ain’t coexistent. Absurd, nonsensical, wacky are the exclusive adjectives for him. He certainly brings joy to every one who knows him! Erhmm to the new Sean Kingston – Darren van der Waals!

On another note, we stunned Chun Fei and Luke totally with our unique way of birthday celebration. It was crazy. So crazy that it prompts me to think twice that we might had as well stun the whole of McDonald’s. It was just another hard-to-delete memories. Happy birthday to both of you!

In the afternoon, I went to Deco’s place to help him out on his computer. The computer’s performance dragged our time dearly. Deco was so actively encouraging by giving me and Darren treats continuously. I just can’t thank him enough for all the treats.


10 thoughts on “Darren van der Waals is the new Sean Kingston

  1. zizizizizizi~~~
    boss u really make a good publisity for our wee peng^^
    and thx for helped me reformat my comp ya!
    still got som prob need ur help de(coz im not really expect in comp stuff)

  2. hYau at least v hanged out together last night, the Tea Professor

    Darren van der Waals wot a pleasure it is to hv u in my blog! u r famous now!

    +2 Yes! Wee Peng!

    deco oh! let me know ur problem n i’ll inspect it

  3. cf.ufo says:

    Darren van der Waals “zizizizi” because he was touched…
    he finally can meet his brother…they can form a band together…
    i will called that band as “The A.Twin” (the africa twin)

  4. omg..is wee peng senior..hahaha.
    i click the link u gv me n suddenly saw the picture…damn funny.
    .i keep on laughing only..haha.

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