Just writing words

Rat race

I am like a driver
who steered off the course
Not crashing, not burning
just taking a hiatus
The track is getting colder
Side view, overtakings
it is a rat race
and I remained
Permit me, to forgo the race
I would be happy to do just about anything
besides racing.


11 thoughts on “Rat race

  1. basically i think the author is trying to express his view on the dead circle that everybody has to go through in order to achieve something such as surviving in a difficult situation, or getting something out of life. the term ‘rat race’ says it all.
    one have to keep on advancing in order not to left out behind in this cold-blooded world. this can be seen in the line ‘track is getting colder, sideview(which i think the author was looking through the side mirror of the car and had some thought), overtakings’.
    for some reason, the author pulled out from the race temporary. it might be that the author went on the somewhat so-called ‘soul searching’ in the middle of the process.

  2. cherry says:

    so u found ur soul?
    haha seemed lik ur abit thirlled over d race huh?!!
    haha like wat u said to me
    time will take care of evything mar….
    so chill lar… hehehe
    nxttim v go c rainbows tgdr! wahahaha
    Jia You Baa………..

  3. cherry says:

    life shud be simple mar
    the more complicated u get the more struggle u’ll be, isnt it?
    but guess u liked to make things complicated arent u?!
    hahaha jz live life happily… ^^

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