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DDD, the plus and the minus

DDD – DepDepDep, is a very common, though fresh and new, terminology nowadays. It will be a hit this year. Why? Because DDD is gonna to be one of the five most frequently used words by the people of KL. Let me put it in this way. When you see a gorgeous girl, you don’t say OMG! or She’s HAWT! anymore, as the ultimate substitution for these old and boring words IS, as the going says – DDD! From now on, tag gorgeous girl with DDD and you’re learning pretty fast 😛 Make this term a universal terminology!

DDD also can be translated into English as DeliciousDeliciousDelicious.

These days, things happened, in all which were tied to DDD. First, we were in such a flamboyant mood to host a game show on the school’s first Co-curriculum Night. The game is called the Deal Or No Deal. It’s very much similar to the exact Deal Or No Deal in the television. Since the focus of the Co-curriculum Night is to raise fund from public, so we can call it as the Donate Or No Donate game. High-profile individuals such as the principal himself, and the rich fellas could be invited to participate in the game. Okay, that’s not the point. Have you noticed the 26 gorgeous models appear along every episodes??? That’s the talking point here! The most exciting part of the whole idea is the AUDITION! Audition for the 26 beautiful DDDs in our school! Godness gracious! Every one can start looking forward to the night, when these 26 beautiful DDDs show up, in such an elegant manner, in front of the packed-sardines in the hall, all eyes are on them, a blinking of an eyes will cost you the most beautiful night of your life. I think I’ve highlight the point, clear enough.

On another note, life might be hard for my machi, who have lost a relationship with a DDD. Celebrated one of the most difficult birthday of his life, accepting a potential breakup as a present. Mate, you see, life is full of uncertainties, beautiful dreams vanished, when you don’t expect them to do. You have to be strong on your stand, it’s all up to you, Deal Or No Deal. Deal, you’re all in! Go chase her back. No Deal, fine. You have more options, another 25 cases left to open! Of course, for each decision you’ve to think of the outcomes. Feeling jaded? You have us to offer you support. Don’t let a DDD destroy you, you CAN stand up again! —From us, who will be supporting you through these hard times as always.

DDD, externally beautiful, innocently cruel inside.


8 thoughts on “DDD, the plus and the minus

  1. +2 says:

    hey, eventually gotcha! pc virus those days n lost ur blog url d, glad to c ur blog here again! hehe n keep going on! ur blog’s really interesting 😉

  2. cherry says:

    war i typed d 3rd times alr
    cos using hsemates com
    i dint fill in my name n mail
    all my typin gone.. jz lidat
    nth la, jz want say delicious not suitable lar
    not straigh to the point
    diap diap diap more ngam! hahaha
    n deal or no deal is a show testing ppl greedyness
    if the participant continued doubting the sum of money in hand
    there is a big posibility he/she will go back wit nth
    bt that’s not d main point here rite.. haha
    d 26 models are…. LOL

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