Just for fun

Birthday Poem from the Dog

You feed me when I’m hungry,
you keep water in my dish,
you let me sleep on anything,
or anyplace I wish.

You sometimes let me lick your hands,
or even lick your face,
despite the fact I’ve licked myself,
in every private place.

You taught me how to come when called,
you taught me how to sit,
you always let me go outside,
so I can take a . . . . stroll.

I’ve been with you through oh, so much,
through laughter and through tears,
I hope you live to be a hundred,
that’s 700 in doggy years.

“I(We) also hope you live happily ever after.”
flappy gg


2 thoughts on “Birthday Poem from the Dog

  1. cherry says:

    yeah war so cute !! argh hate u lar
    made me felt like wanna fly over n go sayang her…
    haiz… miz her so so so much la!!!!
    haha so cute… i putted it as my display pic then xiao mi feng saw alr
    said i kidnapped my hsemates dog haha cos shih tzu is all alike one lo
    hehe gal gal is considered vry leng liao lo! so cute man!!!
    hehe ur flappy also not bad lar.. jz jz abit over active !
    haha n ur… wat let them licked d hands doubting tat they licked their private parts
    this very wai lar! hahaha i let ur flappy eat up whole hand leh hahaha
    luckily once i home i bathed! haha nvm lar.. own raised d dog wun dirty til wher one ok! so so so cute… hahaha u good lar.. dun care ar.. u muz take photos evy few days n send it to me when i’m at kampar! hehehehe… muz oo… thx ya…
    hehe ^^ so hpy.. got2 raise dogs wit u guys.. haha

  2. Hehehehe. come fly to GG she’s waiting to see you =)
    Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t write this poem, the last quoted line is the only line I wrote.
    Wow. Okay LA i can take photos of GG n send to u & Cathey.

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