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We had our first paintball game today. Desmond suggested to play this game earlier and managed to locate the arena. The arena is located at Sungai Buloh suburb. NoPainNoGain(NPNG) Sports Centre is the name of the arena and it was my first visit. At first I wasn’t a big fan of this game, mainly because of its bombing price. After some heated discussions with the operator, we came to a deal at RM80 per person, bagging along extra 2000 ammos. We had a short but crazy briefing and we’re off to our first paintball game. We chose to play the outdoor arena first and we were divided into 2 teams. Adrian, Revan, Gary, Hong Yau, Wallace and me against Luke, JC, CF, Choobs, Ray, Fred and Desmond. They outnumbered us because Darren pulled out last minutes, refusing to come like a man. Forget about the chicken.

Godness gracious! I drastically turned my feeling 180 degrees as the game get going. All the feeling I had before the game were calm, just calm. When the game started, all sort of burning feelings came into my mind. The first thing I did was to take cover. During the time I was taking cover, I had a thought on how brave it is to be a soldier. When I saw the explosion of paintballs, when I heard the gunshots, when my movements was restricted, when I was trying so hard just to take cover, not to mention it’s so damn difficult to show up to fire, as the bullets will come from anywhere, enemies will lock down at me, it’s no lie that courage is all a person needed! Without it, a person won’t make it. Death is awaits if you don’t step up like a man. It just feels like in a real battlefield. I played so much of Counter Strike, now I finally got the taste of how it is like to be in a cross-fire scenario. I can’t do anything stupid. It’s also very hard to communicate with teammates. Desmond was the first man down, and it signaled the start of his real bad day.

1st round summary: <Capture the Flag scenario @ OUTDOOR> Hong Yau captured the flag thus we won the first game. I fall down when rushing to take cover. Haha. I got shot in the head! Chun Fei’s arm can be seen bruised so seriously, and it really freaked us out! Overall, first round was a bit of flat and slow-paced, mainly because of it was our first try. But every one were starting to get into the game I guess.

2nd round summary: <Capture the Flag scenario @ OUTDOOR> Luke captured the flag thus opposition won the second game. My machine got malfunction when the game just got going! I managed to fix it and carry on. I got shot in the head again this time! Damn! And the explosion of paintball left my wrist bruised, but it wasn’t that painful this time.

3rd round summary: <Last Man Standing scenario @ INDOOR> We moved into the indoor this time and changed the game scene as well. The team who managed to eliminate the other team win it. We won it this time. Desmond suffered the most wounds of the day in this round. Desmond was the last one of the rival team, already down shot by someone, somehow some of the fellas failed to control their fire and kept shooting at him, leaving 4 bruises on his thigh. Desmond lay on the ground suffering in agony and the game ended all of us wonder what had happened to him. When we looked at his wounds, it was really OMG!

4th round summary: <Last Man Standing scenario @ INDOOR> The marshal joined us to break even of the numbers of players in each teams. WOW! This game ended in the blinking of an eyes. As soon as the game started we advanced so deep up front and all of us keep firing at rivals. It was full of offensive and IT WAS SO EXCITING! One by one opponents down and down, and the game was over! Zizizizi. There was a moment when the marshal mistook Adrian as rival and was about to shoot him. Quickly, Adrian shouted “Kaki nang kaki nang!!! Jangan tembak!” which made every body LOL.

5th round summary: <Last Man Standing scenario @ OUTDOOR> This time, we went up to a hill slope. Wow. This place is a hell! I can imagine how the communists had war up on a slope. Without enough caution, I can easily fall down and crash on the rocks, cracked glasses and trunks. We had a round here and the opponents won it. GOSH! I got shot on my backbone and it was OLALA. So painful! Luke suffered the most severe injury of the day during this round. Gary shot at close range result in Luke’s ankle burst into a wound like a volcano hole! That really freaked every body else out!

6th round summary: <Last Man Standing scenario @ OUTDOOR> Enough of dungeon experience, we went back to our first playgound. This time JC got it all wrong when he rushed up to the flag station but it turned out the game was not a Capture the Flag game! He joked that he search deep into the sand to find the flag! We won this game.

Last round summary: <Last Man Standing scenario @ OUTDOOR> With our ammos nearly out of supplies, it was the last game which we won it again. We worked out so well and that’s the reason we won it. When I was about to fire the remaining bullets, my machine turned into the automatic mode, it fired for a decent times automatically. Somewhat thanks to God as the bullets didn’t unleashed from the weapon. I was surprised and every one were shocked. I immediately lock the safety pin to prevent it from firing again. Realizing there were still remaining bullets in my weapon, I couldn’t possibly imagine the outcome if the bullets were to unleashed from my weapon as it will surely give my mates a hard time.

End of the day, there are too many casualties, with Luke and Desmond grabbed away the Most Severe Wound award and the For the Love of Paintball Marks award respectively. I don’t know I should come back for this game or not. But for one thing I really enjoyed it!


some says I looks like Kevin Cheng in his upcoming TVB series, Forensic Heroes II

Just one of those things



Just for fun

Birthday Poem from the Dog

You feed me when I’m hungry,
you keep water in my dish,
you let me sleep on anything,
or anyplace I wish.

You sometimes let me lick your hands,
or even lick your face,
despite the fact I’ve licked myself,
in every private place.

You taught me how to come when called,
you taught me how to sit,
you always let me go outside,
so I can take a . . . . stroll.

I’ve been with you through oh, so much,
through laughter and through tears,
I hope you live to be a hundred,
that’s 700 in doggy years.

“I(We) also hope you live happily ever after.”
flappy gg