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CNY don’t be late

Everybody in the class seems so gloomy and cheerless. Everybody was sitting, waiting, wishing, please will the bell ring earlier? I wish to get out from these awkward situation now! These days school hours have been extended 10 minutes. Until the teacher started to poke fun of us by questioning the silence in the class. Finally there is some heated arguments among the students and the teacher. The class is live again! All of us started to gel together, even if it’s a teacher. Suddenly, I realized so much that the school has so many DDDs to offer to my eyes! Wow. It was quite amusing for geeks like us to sit in the canteen after school, keep signaling each other 3 o’clock, 7 o’clock, 12 o’clock, etc. turning around our neck to spot the DDDs. There was one moment, something’s wrong with Deco as he shouted 9 o’clock so loudly and as we turned our way to 9 o’clock, the DDDs also alerted by the shout of Deco and turned their attention to us. Quickly we remove our sights from them and can’t pause laughing, feeling embarrassed. Godness gracious! That was classic! Oh DDD!!! Earlier, we were all informed about the suspension from school due to past truanting records. Wow. I get a 4 days off! Luke and Darren both get 5 days off! If the execution starts before CNY or after CNY, I can get extra 4 days free from school and I’m off to enjoy my CNY holidays! I’m already getting the feel of CNY this instance, CNY tops my festivals list without a doubt! In Spain there is a festival called Tomato Festival where people enjoy throwing tomatoes to each other. So this year if possible I want to cast oranges into the lake on the Yuan Xiao 😛 CNY really means lots to me. Television shows are packed with myriad festival programmes, everybody’s started to be nice wishing each other, stalls selling dried meat and mandarin oranges are set up along the roadside, streets are well-decorated with red lanterns, shopping complexes crowded with people who are rushing to buy CNY stuff last minutes, and so much more. You gotta feel it yourself. One year one time I’ll make sure I won’t miss it! Apart from getting angpau and new clothes, I get to reunite with mates and relatives. It has been 3 years since my last home-going to Kedah. I really miss it! But the people at Kedah communicate in Teo Chew and to tell the truth I’m not well-versed in it meaning to say even if I go back I won’t communicate much with the elders. Anyway it won’t drive down my passion as I feel it’s well worth already even if it’s just to get a taste of the CNY at there. The only drawback of CNY is that, grandma is aging causing the culture of gathering among the relatives here at KL has already long gone =( Those were the time when I was still a kid and I really miss it! CNY creates so much of moments, simply amazing! I LOVE CNY

infinite prosperity
I don’t want angpau I want DDD! 😛

2 thoughts on “CNY don’t be late

  1. deco says:

    hey boss~~~
    tat time very syok rite?
    let us find one day and sit in the canteen for “gap” our DDDs^^

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