Just another day

Code Red! Code Red!

So never think you’ll make me to stay! This place is a joke! Complete absurd! Downright stupid! Absolute laughable!

To all the parents outside who intend to send your child into this high school. Think twice!! I said reconsider this! Your child will be exposed to myriad kind of big, silly ‘n’ trivial but serious rules and regulations on the very first day of the school, that is like if your child have long/gel/trendy hairstyle/maybe bald, your child will be asked to go home to have the hair part trimmed and treated nicely and ‘legally’ according to the rulebook before your child can ever step back into the school again. What if your child refuse to go home because it would be embarrass for them to tell the parents after what had happened? Okay, the ‘authorities’ will have your child taken good care just like any of the nursery out there by commanding them to sit on the public ground and restrict their movement. No fans but natural wind, no light but natural sunlight, that is if your child enjoy a sunbath or whatsoever under the watchful eyes of everyone who pass by them. If you could imagine, that’s very much like what it is like in the prison. That’s generally applicable for boy and minority girl. On the other hand, your child will notice that the school don’t go easy with colourful objects such as pins, spectacles, dyed hair etc. Clearly the school don’t want the view of the tradition all-black to be vanished by these. They seems to only welcome colourful mural on the walls but it’s never been nice to the eyes. Come on! Open the mind to the fact that these child are merely teen, growing teen to be precise, trend is a big part in every teen’s life. Fine. I don’t think by saying these it’ll actually change the way and view of the elderly. Your child will also likely to bump into prefects who catch your child for something that is unexplainable, or sometimes unreasonable. Much like you’re watching some sort of Supernatural series and above your head would be filled with marks of question(???). The trend here is that the prefects are often referred as the blue dog, the reason is simple, they wear sky-blue uniforms. Ooops, I now recall the term is widely banned in the school. They have the power and the backing from their mother-in-charge. Whenever something pop out and is out of control, they will confront their mistress. In the end, your child will be the zero and the prefect will be the hero. Utter the word “you’re fucked” to them is the best way to keep yourself out of the hot water, at least it’s what I’ve been doing. Of late, the school have scooped up a few new systems. Speaking from the curricular side, the newly-appointed head of co-curricular has drastically turn the whole system upside down. So much changes that cause the voices of dissatisfaction crop up everywhere. Today, it has come to a fuck-off situation where all of the students are compulsory to attend at least 3 different groups of co-curricular activities to not have their marks demerited under the newly-implemented Merit Demerit System. So much emphasis on these holyshit activities have did some distraction between the studies and extra curricular among the students. Today, the term merit or demerit are so prevalent among the students. On a long term basis, it’s somewhat a very hatred word to be heard among the students. So much bullcraps students have to cope apart from studies is gradually becoming a stress. Injustice in anywhere is a threat to justice in everywhere. Going to school nowadays, unclear of what’s in store for us, it could be another implementation of system, another quarrel among the prefect and student, or simply just another disgruntlement. We’re in a state of ironic and deplorable situation. But I’ll not be bogged down by these I’m telling now!


8 thoughts on “Code Red! Code Red!

  1. Rachel says:

    Like I said, KB’s somewhat starting to resemble a military school. Tyrany and all. Even the prefectorial board’s changing. I thank god our final year wasn’t that bad. Poor you. Get outta there this year, fast.

  2. Ruth says:

    G’day Leo,

    Much as I respect your eagerness to voice your thoughts on the dissatisfaction you feel about the School, could you at least argue your points via grammatically sound English? For crying out loud the piece is atrocious not because of its content, but the language. It’s a bit like a dish of verbal diarrhea with a dash of vindictiveness thrown into the mix.

    Back to the original whinge of the post, I have to concur with your thoughts about the School. But then all the schools in Kulai are pretty much trashy places anyway. That’s why I escaped the whole bloody country in the first place as soon as I hit my 18th birthday.

    I’m now a finance journalist in Sydney and am grateful beyond words that I left Malaysia behind *shudder*. Here’s a word of wisdom for you, grasshopper: Hang on till you can get your arse out of SMKB, then forge your own path to fortune.

    My two cents worth, matey.

  3. Hey Ruth, thanks for the pieces. Sorry for my inappropriate usage of English. You know, I’m under the perception of putting myself in your shoes. The school is not the only thing here, you and I know it’s more than that. Truthfully, I’m hoping to do what you and everybody else is encouraging me.

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