Just me

7 bits in 2007

1 health

as always it’s d foremost & utmost important element in my life. he who has health has it all. i hv been ill-starred this year. from d beginning of the year, my diet plan has went off d track. at first i x think it’s a big matter, but bad signs slowly showing up. skipping breakfasts n lunch regularly until i lost 11pound, that’s approximately 5kg. i can easily tackled or pushed away by bigger size player when playing football. u could spot my face is x longer chubby like what i looked like when high school times. my mom says my face shape looks like d shepherd dog’s face raised by my aunt. in august, i discovered a skin disease – urtacaria. it strikes like once in 2/3 days during nite time, and when it strikes, small & big spots could b seen all over my leg n body, sometimes hands. it’s pretty bad, i really feel hapless, unfortunate, frustrated, wrecked, all the -ve feeling u can name. it results in i hv to undertake drug regularly to control the disease, or maybe i should say to slowly kill me off. i read an article regarding skin disease. studies have shown people with skin disease is likely to have a shorter life compare to those who don’t have. it’s mainly becos these infected peers constantly struggling with d disease, a battle which caused them unable to lead a happy life. enough of these. just yesterday i did a minor sprained on my left ankle, thanks god that it was just a minor ones. my ankles is d most vulnerable part when i undergo extreme sports such as football and futsal. everytime i sprain it, i get the horror feeling i had before. it just feel so terror. but i like these sports, i cant stop from playing them. SIGH

2 study

i x hv the joyful feeling like everybody else after completing spm. i somewhat felt quite calm n at the same time, i felt lost. becos i hv to decide to further study or not. if to further study, wot should i pursue. if to discontinue study, wot r d options. it turned out i carry on my study at higher level. i should hv worked after spm but luck may hv it, i continue study upright. it was late january when i enrolled into a free animation course in subang jaya. what’s more d course even offer monthly allowance rm500, i guess i was in it mainly becos of the money. wallace was my company so that i x hv to be a lone person. it was a 6months program but i pulled out after 2 months. but i didnt get my allowance upright. i tell u why. it’s a government sponsored program. and as always their work is no efficiency. so i hv to collect my allowance when they finally get everything ready after some times when one might hv already forget d case. x want comment already. i got to know abt entrance to study diploma programme in local u under form 5 category. so i went to sign up. i got 8 choices but i only fill in 6. topping my list was architecture. i forgot the rest. anyway, i guess becos i m x bumiputra, so i didnt get a place. again i x want to comment abt it already. when i know my chance to enter is fat, i opt for TARC. it wasnt my best decision, becos that time i really x know what i want to study. wallace and my cousin, marc were behind to back me of my decision going to Tarc. both of them were so desperate to see me go to tarc with them. i also x know why i enrolled at there, not once but twice. changed desired course twice. i thought i m really going to tarc. on another note, my uncle gave me advise x to enter tarc and go for university instead. we had some heated argument and it grabbed d attention of my parents. so we had discussions and discussions. but our discussions r not that fruitful everytime. nothing concrete had came to conclusion. old man says stpm, i say no. but in the end he won. anything is promising in education, but not in here, in malaysia. i x really into d system in here. i fancy education in somewhere else. but since i’m in it, i will make sure i x squander my chance.

3 relationship

maybe it’s becoz of distance, our relationship seems just so good. back in high school we got to see each other day in n day out. after spm, some of us spread d wing n fly away, some of us choose to stay back, watching the others spread their wings and fly. i feel like i’m a lot happier than those times in high school when we occasionally outing and meet each other. d world in round, wherever you are my friend i will see u regardless location, time and setting. i sincerely hope our bonding continue eternally despite hectic schedules n daily life. remain strong everyone!

4 travel

i flipped thru my passport. 2005 i flew to bali, 2006 i cruised to singapore, 2007 i drove to thailand. these 3 wonderful countries gave me an eye-opening experiences in my life. i just want to say thank you to my old man and mom, d rest of my family & relatives and my vice-father LKS, scott and kelvin for bringing me to d so-called All The Way North trip. it was really eye-opening again. *a thousand of thanks* becos without you all, d passport im holding now, would be nothing much more than a waste book. travelling really had my eyes opened as i get to see different scenarios at different countries. it create a sense of appreciation in my life that i m well-blessed with such fortunes, but most of d time i nvr realize im having these unlike some other human races at some corner of the world r still suffering from diseases n agony cause by political outburst. traveling is also abt capturing, captivating d moments of affection. like what the saying goes the camera never lies. i really nd to get myself a decent camera in the near future. LANGKAWI ISLAND DIY TRIP. one of my most unforgettable experience thru out 2007. 11 of us, good machi, occupied the room for only 4, step on a 3d2n adventure at an unknown but soon-to-known beautiful island. island hopping, eating, drinking, sleeping, playing, sharing, shopping all that we can do we did! WE DID TOGETHER! d utmost important thing is, i brought everybody to d island =)

5 finance

travel LA, travel LA, play LA, hv fun LA, only know how to spend moolah, now become stony broke only know! HAHAHAHA. financing is really troubling when u know nothing abt it, but thanks to scott, he gave me some tips. but still this instance i’m bloody broke, not much cash left, tonight still hv to outing… too much fun already, got ahead of myself, now very cham…. next year will be 2008, FA FA FA!!! everyone AIM for 20080808, who knows one may get unexpected fortune on d particular day! 8888 i think i begin to love number 8! i seriously to nd fork out some time to read Rich Dad & Poor Dad. wait! if i read rich daddy and poor daddy, meaning to say i’ll hv 4 daddys? WAH 4 old mans for me LE! i already got one approved old man, another vice-old man, now give me 2 more??? LOL… but old man gives old advises which sometimes i really benefit from it… x care LA… Hallo rich old man and poor old man.

6 e4Rom

dated 2.5.2007, we open e4Rom to public again. it’s d countless time that we had close n reconciliate d forum. this time, d idea is to target working peers to join d forum, but it didnt work out d way as planned. until i met deco. godness gracious! he’s really e4rom’s fanatic! he’s so passionate abt e4rom. i’ve nvr seen a human like this! but i seriously admire his passion n commitment in contributing to e4rom. *thank u wei jie* our initial plan didnt last long when i return to smkb n met deco n mates. deco’s passion had everyone’s attention abt d existence of e4rom. therefore he influenced countless members to join our big family. ranging from librarians to primary school kids. now e4rom’s gaining popularity among d young ones and continue to grow with stability. at school, i often called by them as d ceo of e4rom. hey i feel so proud when they call me with d title LE hahahaha. at least e4rom is a talk-about among the younger ones in d school. along my management era as d administrator of a board, i dealt with loads of stuff, ranging from personnel to technical issues, i really learn and gain considerably. i feel as d ceo of a brand, i hv to put myself infront of d brand. this is also wot i learned. i x work alone, i hv a team n i hv to work like a team. that’s when lots of stuff i hv to deal with. n d more u fall, d more u gain. hopefully one day e4rom can be strong enough to influence d society. that’s what i personally hope for.

7 blog

of late, i notice my mates hv been into blogging. more n more blogs crop up n my blogroll hv expand so much. a long list of mates’ blogs r now visible in my blog. but it’s a good thing to blog. i hope my mates will get d most out of it. personally i began blogging 2 yrs ago. my first blog is http://carelsespace.spaces.live.com/ n it’s still active until today. i stoppped to blog just after 2 months. and then i went on to create another blog with my other account. it also didnt last long until i stopped blog n even deleted it forever. hiatus for a while, i was tempted again n create yet another blog, http://6ixtyfour.spaces.live.com/ n it also didnt last any longer than 3 months. haha, i wanted to change d desired url for my blog, so i abandoned the previous one. it was succeeded by http://freeloop64.spaces.live.com/ but once more d progress was halt after 3months. that’s becos im sick n tired with msn spaces’ limited features n activities. did some research n moved to WordPress. i found out wordpress come with a cleaner platform, meaning to say, it gives me d feel of a pure weblog. which is sth i wanted. my new home at wordpress is http://ilprend.wordpress.com/. amazingly enough new home at wordpress reached d milestone, that’s 5months n yes i stopped blog again. because Blogger from google sounds appealing to me with all it’s bling bling features. so i move on again to http://www.breakdrules.com/ and ya i even bought myself a domain name for it. i had a thought that if i blog in blogger i can earn some extra money as it support google adsense, a very good initiative by google for public to earn money via advertising. i guess i was attracted to its got-money-come feature so i gave it a try. come again, i quit blogger after 4months. mainly becos of blogger’s bling bling stuff which i cant stand to bear with. enough of it. still wordpress is the best publish system. simply becos of its simplicity n cleanliness n it’s friendy-interface! *wordpress rock*. so here i m now today, it’s all back to square one. it hints me one thing during this 2yrs, that is DETERMINATION. to blog u really hv to set ur mind n get acquainted with it. laziness n boredom r d killer in blogging. if u lazy to post, you’ll feel bored abt d whole thing n would ask urself what’s d point of all this? so my advice to my newly blog mates is just one thing, be determined. it’s a way to train ur determination, especially when u think u r best at it, try it n u’ll know. best thing come to those who waited.

mentioned above r the big n small bits that did enough impact to changed my life, be it significantly or just as trivial as small potatoes, it did change my life thruout d whole year. i x know wot best describe 2007 for me, but these r d bits that would do d job for me. to conclude, 2007 is just another yr in my life, i wont look back at wot had happened, but i’ll stand up from where i fall. i went to a countdown fiesta a moment ago n i made wishes for everybody in my heart as i starred at d beautiful fireworks crack in d sky for 10minutes and then it fall down in a fireworks-style rain. *simply stunning* all of u command a piece of my heart n i feel u deserve to know abt it. HAPPY NEW YEAR. my hair kena kao kao by d spray….. i saw KEVIN CHENG!!!! how i wish!!!! zop zop zop zop


11 thoughts on “7 bits in 2007

  1. 3sk1mo says:

    I’d noticed that your legs’re full of scar when you wear a short pants. Take care of your health buddy. Haha, always think that you’re strong!! You’ll live for more then 100 years !! hahaha

    and don’t worry, I’m too fat to spread my wings, even I spreaded it, I can’t fly.. hahaha You’ll always be my best friend.

  2. Hahahaha u fat chicken! got wings also x know how to fly. how can it b like this??? u hv a dream to achieve! i’ll be at ur back. my health is a hard nut to crack, u saw me ate curry just now zop zop. u LA, Hahahaha.

  3. 3sk1mo says:

    What me? I just told you that it’s delicious with that sauce… But sorry la… The taste of that plate of the curry cheesy rice you ordered was really bad…

    I’m chicken? Haha, actually what I meant in the 1st reponse is I’m overweight and I spreaded my wing(while achieving my dream) but I can’t fly (I’ll not left anyone of you behind)

  4. cherry says:

    ur blog so long… longer than mine!
    cannot like this one… haha i dun1 lost to any1 !!
    wahahaha therefore i decided to type one longer than u
    haha maybe wait my arrival at kampar n when i’m bored n fully covered wit leaves n grass i’ll do so….
    wat to comment?! haha u dun LA,LO,LEH like zha-ing me wor.. haha this comment i dun1 type those word ok? 😛
    haha, take good care of urslf! eat more so that u wun look like d dalmation dog being tied in front of ur hse… hahaha most important is health wat…
    stop here cos cant type those LA, LO i cannot suit myslf… hahahaha
    btw, ur eng so PRO man, haha MUET can get A+ for sure oo!

  5. see LO, word count as in 2217. WordPress counted for me one…
    d whole post i CINCAI type one LA, what came across my mind just type it down, lots of mistakes in it. zop

  6. Fionne says:

    Sad Sad… u mz take care !! hope wen i bek u r stronger den b4..ok?
    Huh?lost 5kg?? …EAT more..haha!!!

    2008__STPM..mz work hard..jia you la..

    Relationship??? gt me anot…^^

    Hey,my register an account at wordpress adi…cz cant open my spaces at here !!!

  7. x worries Fion, for sure im talking about just everyone i know =)
    Hahahaha, i cannot guess your WordPress URL this time. notify me

  8. zhiyi says:

    yo. happy new year!
    ur blog is too long to read. lol.
    all the best.

    p/s: i dont look like edison la!!!!!

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