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I know what you did last xmas

zop zop zop zop

All I Want For Xmas Is Two Front Teeth – ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS! If you’ve already buy what you want for Xmas and there’s still money left, go watch it!

On the evening of Christmas Eve, I did something absurd. Without much planning, 4 of us excitedly went up to Genting Highlands to countdown for Christmas. Funny when I think the top of the hill would be crowded with people. We SAID we want to take photos, but we didn’t. We SAID we want to countdown, but we didn’t. I don’t really bothered by the countdown, cos it takes place everywhere and anytime, especially here at Malaysia, what also countdown, countdown, countdown. We spent a night at the world’s second largest hotel together with Wallace’s coursemates. I don’t want to comment much about the night. Thoroughly enjoyed the time spent together, cos it’s unlikely to occur much in the future, especially when some of us will spread their wing and leave behind those who chose to stay back. But each of us are supported in whatever situation as always. Stay strong. Merry Christmas to u all!

Merry Christmas

10 thoughts on “I know what you did last xmas

  1. Wallace says:

    Keke, It was enjoyable.
    The crazy nut Cherry sure gave you and Fionne a rough time.
    She just like a nut playing crazy stuff in my house
    I’m not really sure whether You’d fun with my coursemates and I hope you do enjoy it…
    but I’d enjoyed hanging out with you guys together, haha
    Wish that our relationship will never end, You’re my best PAL…
    haha, so, Let us plan for our next Christmas, hahaha

  2. There will be a beautiful night for both of u i think, but unfortunelty im not at Malaysia in that time, if not sure won’t crazy with you all also…kaka, i will very beautiful n very nice night for both of u, wish u merry christmas here…

  3. cherrylyn89 says:

    haha hey dun blame me on enything la haha
    lidat oni fun mar haha u guys wanna know wat i asked he n fion do mar? wahahaha
    so suang lar me now think back also very fun leh! hoho
    hmm without plannin went up to xmas lidat oni fun one mar haha evythin goes wit schedule not fun liao ma!
    i wehr got look like nuts wor.. haha me jz crazy crazy abit mar lidat oni enjoy geh mar! wahaha
    aiyo ph u dun keep wat v said do wat do wat bt then dint do dao… haha
    wanna do wat jiu do wat oni fun ma! haha
    aiyo ppl wher is got wings wanna fly away wor
    is forced to do so oni hao bu hao ma!! haiz
    neway whenever i came back kl u guys also will be there for me one hor?! hehe me now at melaka lar cant online msn wor can oni open blog n read haha
    later i go type out d whole details of wat happenned at genting for mh th they man man enjoy leh!
    hahaha, anyways thanks4 da memorable nitz ok?!
    🙂 love u guys so much ooo ^^

  4. @Wallace. i find it no problem to mix with ur coursemates hehehehe.

    @Scott. thank u. xiao bai xiao bai. hehehehe

    @Cherry. i also think sometimes doing thing impulsively is indeed a funny thing to do. hehehehe

  5. Fionne says:

    I wan watch Ferryman la….sob sob =(
    aiyo..v countdown chritmas at first world hotel..haha^^
    Ning…u vry ”bian tai”la…dun alwaz bully me =(
    me vry cham adi!!!

    Haiz …me fever liao ^^
    vry Ke lian!!! =(

    wish u al merry chritmas (+_+)

  6. cherrylyn89 says:

    oh got ppl at matri there can oni read blog
    haha my blog u can go read mar?
    cannot i write at wordpress here haha
    at melaka to free register an account in wordpress liao
    hahaha me wher got keep hap u wor haha
    close wit u oni dare to keep ‘play’ u mar
    haha y sick liao? sure is tat day keep kena rain lar
    who said wun sick one huh?!! hahaha ….
    take good care ba u later 31st tel me sick liao cannot come back i sure pin juiz one wor… wahaha
    u comeback earlier lar 31 v go watch ferryman haha
    if shang ying liao lar i no confident liao
    keep wait shang ying also dun have one geh! 😛
    hehehe…. i surely can teman u guys gila one wor
    so gila d time not left much liao lor
    nxt yr me seldom be around n u guys got stpm…
    wakakaka muz appreciate times left leh…

  7. our days are numbered now. hahahaha.
    what’s your WordPress url? i typed cherrylyn.wordpress.com, cherry891128.wordpress.com, cherrylyn891128.wordpress.com, no results in the end……

  8. cherrylyn89 says:

    oh so clever! haha bt then c my name alr know mar
    y u so tried so mny times for?! hahaha
    i register for fun one oo haha

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