Just another day


1997 – I entered class 2A. I was alone all by myself. I heard rumour, rumour about a boy called Ng Zheng Feng had a crush on CYY. Who is Ng Zheng Feng?

2007 – I’m writing this. Today, it’s his birthday, he turns 18 and gets mature and charming older.

He was once known as Ash(because he was a Pokemon fanatic), and then he wanted me to call him as Black(which I don’t know why), and just last year, he made himself famous with a nickname – Bandaraya(as his not-so-choosy style in observing, targeting and liking girls or DDD) After all, in BM, Bandaraya simply means apa pun mahu. He is also my vice-brother. We had an ‘official’ adoption back in 2001. The adoption was partly influenced by the Digimon animation series. In the series, there were 2 sibling characters – Matt and TK. I liked to imagine as if I’m in Matt’s shoes, and Black potrayed TK’s role in reality. Now, when I think back, I feel we were so childish but those were the times.

Fast forward to today, you keep pointing the finger at me because I never celebrate your DOB. So, I have a plan. But it will not work out, because you’re in Singapore now. 10 years, I didn’t realized how long it is until I write this. That’s how long the period of our friendship. When we were in primary school, you were my frequent company for lunch before extra class. I wonder if you could recall the memories? We would sing the Pokemon theme song when we were on our way back after extra class. Your mother asked you to write an essay, but you didn’t do. She reprimanded you in front of everybody in the class by taking me as a GOOD example because I did what she asked. HEHEHEHE. I remember you were damn weak in BM. I think I should stop, I feel not good when I write these, except for the teasing part. But you know it yourself well. Nobody in this world would know you so much better other than me! Undeniable. Even I can’t help myself admitting that I know you best in this world! So, what’s so special about your ex girl? What you said and done in the past doesn’t worthy anymore. You best start prepare yourself well for the coming new year. Reload with ammos, brush up your shooting skills, be prepared, be very prepared, to haunt down all the DDD in Kampar next year! Along the lengthy war, if you think should there be any DDD who fits me, with arms wide open, I’ll be expecting to hear from you soon. It’s the utmost important that you should not forget your BROTHER. Okay! I’ll let it up until this point. Remember! I’m your BROTHER! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


2 thoughts on “231207

  1. nzfeng says:

    wat i do now is just laugh…haha..
    speechless coz very ‘gan dong’
    haha…maybe i will write a new post at my blog…
    i love u !!!!

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