Just another day


Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
Who is the most beautiful girl in the world?


Hahahaha! Happy birthday to you! Hehehe


14 thoughts on “281107

  1. cherry says:

    aiyo.. haha want lidis praise me meh??
    hahaha, u got sincere anot zek…
    haha so happy lar me
    abit speechless alr lor…. 😛
    haha thanks u anyway lar…
    where is my present zek ?!! haha

  2. cherry says:

    ta ma de… wat wor…
    isk isk all here leave comment d also dint gimme present so pls shut up! 😛
    wahahaha, want vomit go aside n vomit lar
    n if i will transform then da 1st thing i’ll do is to pijak u guys till ‘bian bian’ !!! wahahaha… lalala

  3. cherry says:

    hmm y suddenly apologise one?
    realised tat u guys are wrong n da mirror is correct?!!
    hahaha eh eh me n jia jia said wanna take 3.8 leh nxt yr haha u wanna join our contract?!! wahahah 😛

  4. cherry says:

    hmm… uphill task oni got cabaran mar!
    haha u can one! we can d!!
    go go go!!! hahaha
    lai mar… me at kampar so sien sure can study hard hard one n u guys nxt yr is a deciding ur future d yr leh so muz gambatek also o!! hehe ^^

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