Just one of those things

the blues

she bends her body to push the trolley filled with papayas down the slope…
she uses her little strength to stop the trolley when she approaches a customer…
customer never buy the papayas but she never complains or speaks…
she knows she has a sentence of despair, she continues her tiny hope of making a living…
i can see the woe and i feel sorrow… but i cannot weep the world…

you are singing to me like a broken piece of glass
is this what you call pain?
you can have a new life, a new goal, a new environment
is there nothing left now?

little to choose between peace and war
is this what you call freedom?
when the skies fall down
there is nothing worth to save
it’ll be a day like this one, when the world caves in

i’m alone for our last goodbye
and you’re free
i remember you like yesterdays
and i still can’t believe you’re gone…
so long my friend, so long

are you discontended?
have you been pushing hard?
it is not a new year, just another desperation